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Appropriate Cheese Consumption in the Workplace

Full disclosure: I started writing this about two years ago and am just getting around to finishing it now. God I am lazy. I mean, seriously – this one isn’t even particularly funny and it ends abruptly. 637 more words


Dairy is yet another one of those “tricky foods” with Crohn’s. Some individuals with Crohn’s (out of fear for indigestion and discomfort) pass on dairy all together as a precaution, while others may be lactose intolerant in addition to having Crohn’s. 325 more words

Crohn's Food Forum

No Cheese Please, But Give Me Pizza. By Grace Kubikisha

The thing is, I am not even upset. I don’t get upset anymore. It is almost like that immunity that your body builds after taking so making antibiotics or after consuming so much dairy that your lactose intolerance now becomes a topic to be told at every dinner party or those sleazy college hangouts in your friend’s dorm room on the weekend; or even after swallowing so many pain killers that the ones you used to swallow whole, without water sometimes, seem to lose their effect and so you go hunting in town in every pharmacy eagerly searching for a stronger pain killer, one that would actually kill the pain, and fast! 302 more words


Drink less milk. If you must, choose fermented milk products instead.

Analysis of milk shows essential nutrients: protein, glucose, fats as well as calcium, vitamins and more.

This basic analysis led official bodies and most doctors to recommend milk to infants, children and adults. 506 more words


Do I or Do I Not Express B-Galactosidase?

By Aakriti M.

The lac operon has been covered in another post along with the possible scenarios you could encounter. But what happens to B-galactosidase expression, permease expression and trans-acetylase expression if you have an extrachromosomal F’ factor episome that carries another… 165 more words


Treat Yo' Self

Last September, when my doctor confirmed my suspicions that I was lactose intolerant, my first thoughts were about how massively this would impact on my life. 311 more words


Nuckin' Futz by Track Seven brewing

Rating: 6/6

Nuckin’ Futz by Track Seven brewing is a 7.3% ABV Imperial Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Porter brewed with lactose, chocolate and peanut butter. 540 more words

Anime Beers :P