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Recently, I have been drinking this milk called ‘Kefir’ and it is believed to cure lactose intolerance! Isn’t that awesome?

I must admit, the first time I had tried it, it was a bit strange because it tastes like sour milk, (please, don’t be put off by that)! 159 more words


Starbucks, stop giving me milk!

Ok, it’s not just aimed at Starbucks, but also to Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero and anywhere else that sells coffee.

I’ve noticed it a lot when ordering my coffee they give me milk! 258 more words


The wonderful world of Kefir

So as i mentioned previously, my awful start to the day was made even worse by the lack of Kefir in my local shop.

First of all I would like to clarify what Kefir is and where it came from. 492 more words

2 Gluten or not 2 Gluten

As we all know that recently many people has cut out gluten in their diets and joined the gluten free group. Some do it simply for the fact that they belief that this is a healthy step to take and others don’t have a choice. 910 more words


Common misconception: giving milk to a cat or hedgehog

Maybe you’re lucky to live in an area where there are hedgehogs. Hedgehods are lovely and it is only natural if you want to help them a little. 534 more words


Ultimate Evil... Lactose!

Well… what is there to say about that… … …? Lactose intolerance is that evil force that makes you avoid milk. But wait isn’t lactose a sugar? 419 more words


I'm coming to the USA!

I know I’ve neglected this blogĀ terribly, and for that I am awfully, awfully sorry. Thank you to those of you who’ve found my posts, read them (or at the very least skimmed), left comments and shared your stories. 451 more words