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Food Labels

Grocery shopping for someone who is lactose intolerant may seem easy. Skip the butter, cheeses, creams, ice cream, and milk. Piece of cake… right? What about other products? 221 more words



I had finished the endless rounds of cleaning up mud and grass that, no matter what I do, ends up throughout the cottage and was sitting on the couch catching up on e-mails (and getting side-tracked by wonderful card making dies and stamps on the net) when the Dear One walked in boots and all..oh well…. 689 more words

Lactose-free milk

I’m testing out lactose-free milk in my diet from today and you guys have no idea how excited I am! I tried it with coffee this morning and realized I forgotten what it felt like to have a somewhat normal tasting coffee with dairy! 223 more words


Vegan Pancakes!

It’s Pancake day very soon so i thought i would share with out a completely vegan recipe for pancakes. Iv’e been trying to cut lactose out of my diet and I was really sad knowing that pancake day was just around the corner so Iv’e had to think of an alternate way to still enjoy pancake day! 282 more words

Lactose intollerance - A Solution

My boyfriend Matt has not been able to eat dairy for some seven years now. It’s not a fad diet (unlike a lot of people nowadays) it is a case of if he eats it, he is very sick and can’t leave the constraints of the bathroom. 160 more words


Living with lactose intolerance

I had no allergies as a kid. Really, not a single one. I had friends carrying epi pens to school, but I could roll in the grass and eat peanuts by the handful, and I’d be fine. 1,225 more words


A Recipe For Those Who Are Fructose and Lactose Intolerant .

As a person who grew with the stomach of steel, I rarely knew of different types of intolerance’s and impact it could have on one’s mind and body. 895 more words