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How I Cured Lactose Intolerance. Raw Milk for Muscle for intermittent Fasting

How I overcame Lactose Intolerance. Raw Milk for Muscle. Updated video from this summer. Alternatives to whey protein to get the essential amino acids which are critical to building muscle during intermittent fasting.. 12 more words

Finally off work

Hi baby!

Im finally off work. I’m not going to work out today. I need to start on my lactosefree proteinshakes because I need to get rid of the excess weight that occurs due to bloating. 118 more words

All O

Ben & Jerry’s Secretly Released 2 New Vegan Flavors

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Ben & Jerry’s has gone beyond our wildest dreams once again and released more flavors!

Source: Ben & Jerry’s Secretly Released 2 New Vegan Flavors

Blame Human Nature (And Pizza)

Ate Pizza (Gluten) and It Wasn’t Worth It (Don’t even like Pizza)

It’s the weekend and every social crevice of campus is full of the hum of conversation. 455 more words


Food For Thought - Milk

Milk can be defined as the liquid produced by a mammal’s mammary glands; it is the first source of nutrition for an infant mammal before it is able to digest other foods. 933 more words


Overnight Oats

When you’ve slept in or you’re just super busy in the morning, the one thing that gets sacrificed is usually  your breakfast. You might pick up something on the go and eat it at your desk or worse still, you might pop into McDonald’s. 228 more words

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