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Living with Lactose Intolerance

What is Lactose Intolerance and what are common symptoms?

You may love milk, but your body doesn’t — and it lets you know when you have too much. 428 more words



Discussing our favourite recipes and planning our week, feeling excited about the delish food we were gonna consume then finding practically every store cupboard ingredient we took for granted contains the evil… 302 more words


Oh no! I've been diagnosed as being Gluten, Dairy and Wheat intolerant.

Firstly I like to think myself as a very tolerant person.  I never get angry or argue, I don’t think I have ever hit anyone even at school.   3,298 more words

Falling off the Wagon

Falling Off the Wagon

Here it is… The story we promised to mention later (press play on the video above, you have to while reading!! lol) 687 more words


Neolithic sieves and first cheese-makers

On a recent excavation just outside of Cambridge, we found fragments of perforated pot in a Roman ditch. Such examples of pottery baked while pierced with straw are relatively common on sites ranging in date from Iron Age to Medieval. 469 more words

Healthy BBQ: Dairy Free

This article is based on an original post that first appeared on the Kitchology Blog entitled Healthy BBQ: Dairy Free

By: Nikki Nies

Dietary restrictions, whether due to religious, health and/or  ethical reasons can require an extra level of planning of meals. 380 more words

Nikki Nies

Lactose-free Milk and Grace

“For in sport, every person’s thrill of victory comes at the cost of many, many other people’s agony of defeat.” -Rev. Canon Dr. John Ashley Null…

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