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The Lac Operon - An Exercise in Systemic Problem Solving

In Escherichia coli, the lac operon allows for the transport and metabolism of lactose. Wild type (WT) E. coli prefers to use glucose as oppose to lactose as its energy source. 705 more words


Diet Diaries: Lactose vs Dairy

After gluten, dairy takes second place as a negative food trigger for Hashimoto’s symptoms. It’s not uncommon for Hashimoto’s sufferers, or sufferers of other chronic illnesses, to report feeling better once they take dairy out of their diets. 605 more words

Auto Immune

Stone Mocha IPA by Stone brewing

Rating: 5/5

Stone Mocha IPA by Stone brewing is a 9% ABV Double India Pale Ale brewed with Cacao nibs and Coffee.

A Style-Defying Double India Pale Ale with Cacao & Coffee…
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Anime Beers :P

Is Soy Milk Good for Men?

Is Soy Milk Good for Men?

Soy milk has always been a bit of an enigma to me (and, as it turns out, to many people too). 412 more words


The Worst Beer I Ever Made (So Far)

The Idea;

I often tell this story as an example of experimentation gone wrong. I find people new to brewing are keen to try crazy flavours and techniques before getting the basics down, which I have no problem with – homebrewing should be fun – but recounting this beer gives a good example of the downside of that ‘kitchen sink’ thinking. 551 more words


Dairy Free Triple Chocolate Cake

This delicious and moist cake uses dairy free alternatives to replicate a normal chocolaty heaven! 418 more words

The Lactose Dairies #3 - Its been a while Edition

Lactose Dairies 3

 Fri 12/08/16

Inbox; Sent Items

Well that was the longest period of non-blogging I’ve done.

Habits are easy to pick up and routines are difficult to maintain; but things seem to be back online. 604 more words