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Skipping Dairy from my diet for a better skin!

Over the years, i’ve struggled a lot with my skin, this is a very sensitive topic for me. Ever since high school I had problems with acne. 670 more words


What's wrong with plain old cows' milk?

Too trendy to drink it? Prefer almond or coconut, hemp or rice, oat or soya?

Think you should follow the wacky examples set by Miss Paltrow or the K clan? 118 more words


In the life of: Chloe and Lactose Intolerance

It’s not untrue that after the odd nibble of cheese, accidental sip of milk, or a dip of egg in that creamy hollandaise sauce I am left with feelings of nothing but regret and a shortness of breath depending on the proximity of the toilet. 841 more words


1-Take Video: Lactase Persistence

By Cordelia (Cricket) Dotson, V Form

Editor’s Note: The students were charged with designing an experiment to determine if five individuals were or were not lactose tolerant. 85 more words

Experiential Learning

What Your Farts Are Telling You About Your Health — Dec. 06, 2016

Bodily functions can be less than appealing most of the time, causing the discussion of them to be taboo, or at least embarrassing for many. But discussing them can lead to a lot of deeper knowledge about your own body, so that you can better understand your health, which is something that’s most certainly not…

12 more words

Living with Celiac Disease and IBS

Celiac is a “serious genetic autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage of the small intestine”. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye. 659 more words

Bacteria and Yoghurt: A* understanding for IGCSE Biology 5.7

Biology is a great subject to teach:  you get to introduce young minds to the wonders of the natural world, to show them how evolution has been able to take an ancient planet with a few self-replicating molecules in some deep sea vent and end up today with perhaps 100 million different species all occupying unique niches in an ever changing ecosystem.  188 more words

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