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Life-Threatening Food Allergies Overcome With New Therapy From Stanford Researchers

(CBS) – Every three minutes in the U.S. someone visits an emergency room with a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to food, but now top researchers are exploring a promising experimental treatment. 145 more words


My kefir journey so far....

In my bid to improve health and live simply I have recently enlisted the help of Kefir grains.  I figure that getting the real stuff through ferments is way better than popping  a pill and way cheaper!! 417 more words

We'll Laugh About This Someday

Embarrassing Moment #1

I don’t know if this is how it is for other middle schools or it was just ours, but when I was in 7th grade, our lunchtime was scheduled halfway through a class. 382 more words


Be Wary of Picolax if you have a lactose intolerance or allergy





I was shocked to read the packaging for Picolax after I had taken it for an operation earlier I the week, to read that it contained lactose. 279 more words


Milk Powder

Milk powder entered my life last week, and I’m convinced it is the solution to two critical problems I’ve been having lately.

Firstly, I very much enjoy hot, caffeinated drinks, but without being able to keep milk cold (thank you, rolling blackouts) I was forced to drink my coffee/tea with sugar instead. 176 more words

Phone // Afternoon snack

Sharing this tasty, fruity meal! This is perfect as a dessert after a heavy dinner or just a treat between meals. Basically just fruit, but one can also add biscuits or nuts. 21 more words


Milk Stout

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday I’ve ever been particularly interested in. I don’t really care for American macro lagers, green or otherwise, so that aspect of it isn’t particularly interesting, and Killian’s hasn’t been my favorite beer since I was about 22, which was quite a while ago. 1,011 more words