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Receita DaGente para descolar @ crush no São João

Esta simpatia deve ser feita em 24 de junho, no dia de São João. Se você for a uma festa onde vão estar várias pessoas interessantes, leve na sua bolsa um pouquinho de sal, embrulhado num guardanapo de papel. 276 more words

Bolo De Fubá

Not today!

Today I had lactose free yoghurt for breakfast. Soy peach yoghurt. As far as I know I am not lactose intolerant (I really need to check if I have been tested for that), however lately I have been getting stomach cramps after drinking milk and eating yoghurt in the morning. 180 more words


CrossFit, 2 weeks in

I’ve now completed my first 2 weeks of regular CrossFit classes. I’m only able to go twice a week because I’m just too sore to go sooner! 541 more words


RG005: Bliss in the Abyss (Sweet Stout) ~ Tasting Notes

It shouldn’t surprise me at this point but a noticeable trend with my blogging is that I get double the views and Reddit attention any time I talk about hops or hoppy beers. 584 more words


Healthy Milk Alternatives

This is an informative report for people who are suffering from lactose
intolerance, vegans, people who are on the Paleo diet and even people
who are just looking for ways to improve their health; essential reading… 27 more words

Lac Operon in Vivo!

Hello and welcome back to the Bio Bunch!

As we trek forward in our biotechnology unit, we are learning about how gene expression works. After all, it’s not enough to just have the recipe book of information. 254 more words

Class Activities

Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSI)

The TSI is a multiple test medium. Its a slanted medium with a deep butt that is used to further investigate Gram-negative microorganisms. It differentiates the microbes by their ability to ferment glucose, lactose and/or sucrose with or without the production of gas and production of hydrogen sulfide. 383 more words