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Laduree Coconut Macaroons: Recipe (trial and error)

I love my laduree cookbook. It had a beautiful plush velvet cover and gold gilded pages. It was quite an expensive book (around $35) but if full of so many recipes and beautiful pictures. 492 more words


Macarons: First Try

If anyone is interested at all in French desserts, then you know about the infamous macaron. For those who don’t it is a type of French sandwich cookie made of an almond meal meringue top and bottom with a filling (often a ganache) inside. 310 more words


Laduree Sucre Recipe: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

I’m on a mission to make as many recipes out of my laduree sucre cookbook as possible, but this is difficult because many of the recipes involve obscure and/or expensive ingredients (I’m looking at you almond paste, candied walnuts, almond flour and my recently purchased orange blossom water) in addition to expensive equipment. 460 more words


Recipe: Macarons Part 2

My second try when it comes to making the infamous macaron turned out better than the first but still didn’t come out perfect. Since I was able to find cheaper almond flour (Alpine Valley) I felt okay with using the last of my UK almond flour to make a bigger batch of macarons. 1,111 more words


A Trip to Laduree, London Harrods

Laduree is a French patisserie that has a few shops in London. They are known for their macaroons, which are very good, but also apparently their hot chocolate. 520 more words


Coffee in New York

While living in America, we visited New York a couple of times, and the city grew on me more and more after each time. We specifically went to a café, which is now one of my favourite places in the world. 442 more words

Best Macarons? My trip to Ladurée

I have been a fan of Macarons for a long time, I remember them being very hard to find here in SoCal, they were only available in certain locations. 316 more words