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(Fr)eezy Breezy

As I was thinking about my plans for 2017 and it had suddenly occurred to me that in 2018 I will turn 30. 1988…carry the one…ahhhh fuck! 565 more words

Womb with a view

Recently, I turned 28, I have been in a stable, heterosexual, monogamous relationship for two years with a pretty cool dude, who I like a bit… 563 more words

Happy New Year: A quiet thought in a busy city

Happy New Year from Thailand.

As our North American friends and family have breakfast and lunch, and our Australian and New Zealander friends and family go to bed, I look out over the quiet orange city of Bangkok and I feel reflective. 233 more words

Dream come true 

I can now announce that my baby business namely ‘House of Beauty’ is growing up!

I am opening up shop!

As many of you know and for those who don’t, I currently operate above another hair business, on the second floor, on Bramhall lane in GreatMoor. 263 more words

Healthy Living

Wendy and Me

We have had quite a year. Having been together for decades, this year was the one that most challenged us – collectively and separately. Around this time last year, in the midst of an impending big life change, it became clear that there was something not quite right about us. 936 more words


Swear words: yay or nay?

When I was revising my novel, I realized that I used a few swear words. Okay, a fair lot. They come mostly from my male characters, when they’re furious or anxious. 486 more words