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Wendy and Me

We have had quite a year. Having been together for decades, this year was the one that most challenged us – collectively and separately. Around this time last year, in the midst of an impending big life change, it became clear that there was something not quite right about us. 936 more words


Aua (pronunciation: ah-oh-ah)

Meaning: did my first spinning in 10 years. Halfway through I felt like throwing up. Obviously I couldn’t do with the same intensity as the others. 63 more words

Healthy Life

Swear words: yay or nay?

When I was revising my novel, I realized that I used a few swear words. Okay, a fair lot. They come mostly from my male characters, when they’re furious or anxious. 486 more words

Let's get personal

About an hour ago I was lying on a table in the nurse’s room, legs a kimbo getting my cervical smear test.

It began as a normal morning, getting up, giving the Dandelions breakfast. 350 more words

Family Life

Welcome to my world.


I have started to blog again. A few years ago, I had a blog. (Crazy to think it was years ago) It was called a broken vagina, and man did it cause controversy in my life! 90 more words

A Broken Vagina

Why cycling is not good for the ladies bits

Sometimes The Artist talks and I don’t pay attention.  It’s like a thing I do.  Most of the time I get away with it and all is well.   398 more words

Crazy Days

I'm a, I'm a, a Diva


“Did you just order something on Amazon?” It was a text message from my brother. He’s a saint, really, for letting our entire family leech off of his Amazon Prime account. 652 more words