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We Need to Talk About Fergie's Rendition of the National Anthem


If you missed Fergie's National Anthem, here you go: pic.twitter.com/SBIqBJaVJu

— girl posts (@girlposts) February 20, 2018

If you have not seen the actual video, I have it linked below (and peep the Like to Dislike ratio on the video if you need an idea of where this is going):

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Tunes Tuesday (02/20/2018)

Welcome back to the third week of Tunes Tuesday, where I give a playlist of 10 songs I’ve been listening to this week. If you find something you like on here, then I’ve done my job and hopefully, you’ll find something new for yourself. 908 more words


Missed Potential: Born This Way

Josuke encounters an enemy Stand! ‘Jojolion’

(Article originally hosted on Creators.co)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series that isn’t short on memorable villains and off-the-wall powers. 1,245 more words


Awards Ceremonies Are the 'Super Bowl' for Orchestras

Live television has been compared to walking a tightrope without a net. Now imagine doing that while playing an oboe.

The orchestral accompaniment for the top awards shows is one of the industry’s most underrated precision feats. 1,042 more words


A Day in Cologne/Köln!

I was supposed to be going to Cologne all the way back in October to see Lady Gaga. However, due to illness she had to reschedule to 13th February. 546 more words

The Beauty Behind My Ink... *TRIGGER WARNING

*Trigger Warning: There will be a brief discussion of self harm and overdosing in this post.*

I am a proud owner of exactly eight tattoos. Each lined with love and shaped with passion. 879 more words