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The Woman getting to know Coventry

I suppose it was inevitable that I would visit Coventry one day.  That was where my maker was born you see, but she never lived there.  238 more words

The Coventry godcake...

One of my favourite cities is Coventry; I first visited when the new cathedral rebuilt adjacent to the one which was bombed during the war, and it was very much a modern marvel and a wonder of the age. 580 more words


Do You See What I See?

“Have you ever had a Peeping Tom?” was the question asked by my curious and concerned seven year-old. A question I was prepared to answer, considering our recent conversations. 197 more words


Rapunzel’s Hairdresser


Girl, I did not keep those golden
tresses of yours deep conditioned
for all these years so you could
let some strange dude climb them. 99 more words

Raw Egg

Recently, when trying to scrape some raw egg from a plate – it had been there far too long and was like a super adhesive – I was reminded of the time my Mum stuck Muesli to my face using egg white. 1,139 more words


2/26/2016 Fri @ Peter’s

The meeting started with Peter’s advise to a student asking if it’s OK to include his own opinion on a reflection assignment. Peter said, “ 399 more words


Unusual Narratives Task - Gentleman Godiva

The hard thing about this half of 260MC is that every task is completely up to interpretation. Though it is hard to come up with completely random ideas on the spot, it is very good for getting your creative juices going. 192 more words