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Lady Godiva Nearly Au Natural On Her Bike

My photo could be your inspiration. With warm summer days arriving, it’s time to shed all the cold weather clothing and let (all or at least most of) your mind and body enjoy daily outdoor exercise during the sunny season.

Transfixing Tax Tale

Tax Day 2018 has come and gone.  Whew! If you were able to navigate through the 107 pages of instructions for Form 1040, you are in need of a break.  565 more words

2018-04-15 (Guldkantad söndag)

Today, I learned that:

On the Northern hemisphere there is spring in the air, finally after a harsh winter. And in Sweden, one of the traditions at this time of the year is that schoolchildren from all over the country sell a miniature flower, called Majblomman (“Mayflower”), with the proceeds being used to help children in need. 221 more words


Lady G!

Only successful images is what you should keep in your mind! ;) Welcome back dear friends, the US, Solomon Islands, India, Brazil, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Nigeria ;) 448 more words


woman rides horse into club in her underwear

guest host: anne p.

hi. i’m anne, with an e. thanks to joem for giving me this forum.

joem is tight with ann r. i just want to be clear that i’m a whole different kettle of fish. 262 more words


Wardrobe Malfunction

Last night, Connie and I were talking about commercials targeting seniors (i.e. old people). In those thrillling days of yesteryear, each product had its own catch phrase or clever jingle that etched its way into your brain cells never to be forgotten. 243 more words


Coventry: City of Larkin, Godiva and Forty-five Types of Potato

Just in case you got the impression from my last post that everyone in Coventry is on a higher celestial plane than the rest of us, this one may correct that idea. 510 more words