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Snowy Coventry

Coventry witnessed a large snowfall overnight which meant for some great photo opportunities this morning. 23 more words

Historic Coventry

The Old Gray Mare


This poem was a goddess
once. A Godiva, even. Long
hair, horse. Now she’s a little

Stare at her long enough, 95 more words

More Feinstein Accusers Join The Fray Every Day

Batches of show biz ladies are angry at the Hollywood producer, and it goes on and on. Considering all his extracurricular activities, one wonders how horny Harv had enough time to make movies. 116 more words

Will the real Lady Godiva please raise your hand?

Did the real Lady Godiva actually ride through Coventry naked is a question that we have all been asking for centuries. If it is true, it may be the most famous public act of nudity in recorded history. 498 more words


Rainy Days

A rainy start to the day yesterday made me look back on what great shots you can get in Coventry even if the weather isn’t in your favour. 135 more words


Didja Know: Hair Is A Critical Factor In History

Today’s most bombastic headlines feature two world leaders threatening each other with hair-raising destruction. One wears an orange toupee with flowing locks on top and down the back collar. 152 more words