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It all started with Lady Blue

It all started a few years ago with one book, a story that many found so appealing that the author felt compelled to write more!  For a short time the FIRST in the series is available for .99 and the rest for a mere 4.99…that’s about what a Starbucks coffee costs these days…you will find yourself addicted in no time. 509 more words

Press Release

States' (voting) rights

Trump wants voters’ personal information. Attorneys-general in 30 states have told him no. — Funny, though, how the Right is big on states’ rights, until a state does something the feds don’t like?

Editorial Cartoons

A letter for America

I am the daughter of lady liberty and lady justice, of blood soaked earth and shackles for these things in our country have come hand in hand. 538 more words



Judge blindly, no care for stature or class.

Remember to placate the harsh truth of false brass,

The tendency to give yourself a pass while failing others. 52 more words


Justice Art: 'There’s no Justice, there is just us' as police spank Lady Justice ....

Irish Street Art today from Dublin’s provocative ‘underground’ artist ADW. Loving his urban art in the riot police spanking blind Lady Justice. Unfortunately this particular image had to be removed from the wall as it offended the local police, the GARDA, a story spoken about in  480 more words