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Irrational symbolism for Justice in "in-dependent" India

Indian judiciary is largely a vestige of British imperialism. We have IPC initiated by Macaulay in 1832 still dictating our lives. The values embodied in the Indian law are largely foreign and do not reflect the cultural values of the rich traditions of India. 256 more words

Back to the Nemesis of Pride

The phrase Novus ordo seclorum Latin for “New order of the ages” is on the back of the US dollar and the back of the… 139 more words


Helicopter parenting ex-husbands

The joys of having an ex-husband are nothing short of amazing. For instance, my ex-husband is the epitome of a douche-bag role reversing bitch…..

Welcome to divorce-hood… 767 more words


Life's Imbalance

Sometimes life can blow your mind. At other times life can simply seem too damn tough. Many times life is a joy. At all times life is an unfair balance of these things. 1,094 more words


On Authority

Is Justice blind? Is there such a thing as justice?

It is a current trend amongst Western scientific minds to view the universe as a product of the chaotic interaction of atomic and subatomic particles. 727 more words