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PWN #106 - Heather Greene & Pagan Media

On this week’s edition of the Pagan Weekly News, Heather Greene joined RevKess for a lengthy discussion of Pagan media. Heather is a contributor to… 301 more words

Pagan Weekly News

PWN #104: 2 Years Running

For two years RevKess and Zaracon have presented the Pagan Weekly News. In the 104th edition of that show they were joined by Rev. Peter Dybing, Deirdre Heber of PaganFM, and Amber Roth of Pagan Centered Podcast. 275 more words

Pagan Weekly News

PWN #96: Florida Pagans, Monsanto, and more

The 96th edition of Pagan Weekly News led off with news from the state of Florida. Lots of things going on down there for the Pagan and New Age communities. 494 more words

Pagan Weekly News

Pagan News: Florida Christians Upset due to Upcoming Summer Solstice Festival

Pahokee, Fl. –  Local Christian Clergy are outraged over the upcoming Summer Solice Pagan Festival that is planned on being held June 19 – June 23.   200 more words


PWN #92

The 92nd edition of Pagan Weekly News started out with a little back slapping from Heather Greene of the Covenant of the Goddess and The Wild Hunt. 488 more words

Pagan Weekly News

Fox & Friends FAIL

Welcome to Monday and all the drama that can come with it.

Today I woke up to emails and notifications regarding a truly insulting and ignorant segment on Fox News Friends. 1,210 more words


Turner Family discrimination update

A story of apparent religious discrimination against a Pagan child was recently reported at http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/children-have-rights-too

Towards the end of October the Turner family was getting very excited for Halloween, or for them Samhain. 394 more words