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Proud to be a Lady

Last night we, as a country, made history. That’s right, HISTORY. It happened right in front of our eyes and regardless of how you vote or what feelings you have toward our country right now, I think we should all step back for just a moment jump up and down, fist pump, shout with unbridled joy, bust out the bubbly, shotgun a beer, or do whatever feels large enough to celebrate this huge and historical moment. 301 more words

Bubble pleasure

“I remember one time, when i came with my friend to swimming pool in the gym. We went to jackuzzi. There were some people, so we just relaxed,while talking and enjoying warm and bubbly water. 69 more words


The New Layton Game Is Called Lady Layton

(Source: kotaku.com)

Level-5’s Layton series has a new protagonist. Meet Lady Layton.

Not much is yet know about the actual game, other than it will have a woman as the lead character named Cattley Eyl Layton and is set in London. 118 more words


"LadyEyes" - Pen&Ink

“LadyEyes” is a Pen&Ink drawing produced by StrangeWhimsy artist M Seidel.


Coffee and Her

Eyes are rich and brown

Blackened in the center

Like tones in morning mugs

Whitening the further out you go

Similar to the rim you place your lips… 42 more words

Kiss Me

Weddings always fascinated me as a kid growing up…

Until the part where I was told to close my eyes whenever it got to the part where the officiating minister says “…you may now kiss the bride” 189 more words