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With your hands on your chest, repeat after me:

“I, ______________________, having decided to read this post, solemnly swear that I would invest in some ankle strap heels keeping in mind that I cannot go wrong with a pair of this style in my wardrobe.” 284 more words


Rainy Day Blues

“Rainy Day Blues” is an original palette knife painting where I worked in varying blues in the abstract raining background and dress to create the main color scheme. 82 more words


Crossing Ts & Dotting Is for Valentine's Day-Sexually That Is

Which do you prefer wild animalistic sex or making love?  In my personal experience both are necessary and both are fun.  But just like anything in life, there’s a time for having wild animalistic sex and there’s a time for having intimate, sensual love-making. 274 more words


Three Times a Lady!💝💝💝

L I M I T E D   T I M E   P RO M O T I O N

Three days for three hearts! 💗 24 more words


On a Picture of Me At Age 13

The crowd is an ocean but she stands out like a sandbar—a little sloppy, a little spooked, a little too young to have come to Santa Cruz alone. 135 more words

Goodtime Freedom

“Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions” ~ Todd Phillips

Photo: Goodtime Freedom (named after tattoo on arm)
Canon 6D, 50mm, F2.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 4000, flash nil… 11 more words