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Yellow Rice

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was YELLOW RICE. Her friend reached her. Her name was Jenny

Both plan to go out. 116 more words

A Ranch in the Arizona Desert

I grew up on a ranch in the Arizona desert, west and somewhat north of Phoenix by a couple of hours (at least it was a couple hours when I was a kid; Phoenix is considerably closer now). 1,084 more words



So sorry to disappoint some of you but this is just a general post not related specifically to a kinky lifestyle.

I’ve been asked out on a lot of dates recently, some from Dominants and some from vanilla people, I did decline most but it’s still good for the old ego. 563 more words

Being independent

I don’t get why some girls loves to depend on their maids. Well I admit I do ask my maid to do laundry, ironing & cook my breakfast, lunch & dinner for me (I have my own reason for this. 303 more words


March, 26th

ometimes I need to remind myself i am a girl with these girly patterns…Hope you enjoy!

Have fun tonight and I will see you all tomorrow everyone :)

Life Drawing in Action - Working Coat

During my last Life Drawing in Action session I was in the library and noticed this lady organising her work at a desk. I really liked her coat but didn’t get ’round to drawing the rest of her before she moved on :/ . 11 more words