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#2 Paint the Pink City Pink on Holi

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!

Holi – the festival of colors was, like every other year, seen to be celebrated with the highest festive spirits in the beautiful city of Jaipur. 78 more words



Yeah yeah, I know. ” What the hell is he doing posting in the middle of the week?”

Well two reasons. One, Lee Binks of #leebinksfitness is competing in the Arnold Europe, so I decided to draw her as motivation. 83 more words

Sonnet VI: If I Should Sleep

Perchance I slumber, whilst she watcheth mee;
So deeply do I sleep; nor chance to wake.
Though doth, to touch, she lovingly adore?
Oblivious, I still yet slumber on. 96 more words


Intro 6: Myself to Wake

Although desirous myself to wake
With all my heart embolden every touch;
I miss such sweet congeniality.



Fun is Work

I can’t believe how many projects I have going now! It’s ridiculously draining, lol. No anime, no gaming, just art ALL THE TIME!!

Isn’t that awesome? 128 more words