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Macro Photo of Insects

Today a selection of macro photo of insects (wasps, ladybirds, beetles, and various other) taken in sydney in their natural environment. I used two Nikon, a d7200 and d200. 65 more words


Spring is so close..

Today it was not freezing cold and the sky still had a little bit of light in at 6pm. I feel like I’m in Narnia and things are about to get real. 179 more words


The ladybirds

The painting is a random musing of ladybirds climbing up a flower plant. It feels a whimsical joy to observe these beautiful creatures slowly climb up and then carelessly fly off to yonder.

39/100 - Eyes

We have a small (humanely whittled down from what I would term as “ridiculous”) ladybug population overwintering with us. They have become like the pets we never had. 217 more words


My windowsill has been quite educational recently; every autumn and winter, colonies of ladybirds gather (I would be a very niche Cinderella, and sadly they don’t chirup at me like the birds, who echo her every intonation before riffing off her suggestions) and huddle. 263 more words

Ladybirds At The Church

During a cycle ride round the local countryside recently we stopped to have a look round North Wootton Churchyard and were surprised to see two gravestones well speckled with ladybird pupae. 515 more words


You give me Ladybirds...

So, last time we spoke I mentioned my insecurities trying to plague my every thought of (E). This time I want to talk about how I feel knowing there’s someone out there who likes me the same way I like them… … 404 more words