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The Peak District

I had to go back to the Adult Autism Centre, in Sheffield, for a follow-up appointment from my diagnostic appointment back in February (I’ve already mentioned I’ve been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers). 160 more words


A view across the Derwent arm of Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire, taken in early winter.


Silent valley; the story of the lost Derbyshire villages of Derwent and Ashopton, now submerged beneath Ladybower Dam by Vic Hallam

The industrialisation of Britain was not restricted to the nineteenth century. As the 20th century gathered pace, the major cities of the Midlands and Yorkshire had to come to terms with the effects of ever-increasing growth, and this put additional strain on utilities in particular. 324 more words

Traveling without a Passport: Lessons Learned

Welcome home, all of us—it’s been an eventful two weeks! For the holidays, Mrs. Satis, Little Satis and I had planned (for quite some time, I should add) to travel back to our ‘home’ town of Sheffield, England, to visit the dear friends we left behind when we moved to the Garden State four years ago. 1,123 more words


Ladybower View

Mid morning is not my usual time of day for taking images, as the light is too harsh, but I liked the view. As you wander along Bamford Edge, you come across this fine view of Ladybower Reservoir. 62 more words


Ladybower Jetty

If you want to capture still, flat waters on a lake or reservoir, then an early start is recommended.

Not very co-operative weather when I took this image, but the jetty made a nice subject.