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Caught in the Middle with Wine

Once upon a fateful night in Cambodia a botched meet up plan with a friend turned into an unwitting date with a ladyboy.

I had split up with my new friends Karin and Nati earlier that day and had one night solo before making my way back into Thailand. 724 more words



JAY CHOU and his new wife held their third wedding recently in Gold Coast, Australia but really, WHO WORE IT BETTER?!!!

Mrs Chou has wilting flowers in her hair, I have a Miss Tifanny  tiara! 80 more words


Socks, lady boys and good food – Welcome to Chiang Mai

When leaving Ayutthaya I chose to go up north of Thailand to Chiang Mai - the third place on my route. You can find my detailed perfect route through Thailand… 1,134 more words


Elevators, Against Me!

My life has been many things up to this very moment; confusing and discombobulated, exciting and terrifying, happy and sad, fast and slow and a bunch of other things but it only passes through periods of comfort, which never hangs around for that long before discomposure shifts in and shits all over the place but compared to some peoples it’s been a four star hotel stay with substandard room service that always fucks up my order. 1,302 more words

Life Choices

Perverts Guide to Thailand

Whenever people ask me whether Thailand was anything I expected it to be, I always respond with the same couple of answers. The first being that I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot all the time. 4,112 more words

Thailand, Week Three

Thailand Update for the Week of January 26-30.

A weekly update of the activities of artists from Interact Minnesota (Artistic Director Jeanne Calvit, Story-teller… 821 more words

Ladyboy Love... (Entry #35 )

This blog entry contains sexually explicit material and is written as stylized fiction.

I WAS BACK IN BANGKOK FOR SOME LADYBOY LOVE. I had decided that going to a ladyboy bar was on my bucket list. 2,108 more words