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HRT: 18-19 months

I think it’s about time… I need Facial Feminization Surgery and Breast Implants. It’s about time but I haven’t saved enough money. It’s just so frustrating.

My Everyday

"Lives Under the Red Light" - A Glimpse Into the Lives of Cambodian Sex Workers

Cambodia is one of the most sexually liberal countries that I’ve ever been to.  Liberal in the sense that within a few days of entering the country (and whether you’re interested or not), you will know where to find sex.   583 more words

Phnom Penh


“How am I feeling? Well it all depends on if I’m going to take home the crown.”

As an experienced catwalk model, MiMi Tao is no stranger to strutting across a stage in six -inch heels.

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Same Same, But Different

Warning: This post might be an explosion of different stories that may or may not make sense.

As you may or may not know, my time volunteering in Maetaman village came to an end two weeks ago. 1,765 more words


Haad Rin Lows

While this blog is about the good times, the high times in Haad Rin, it is only fair that some mention should be made about the low times, the bad times at Haad Rin. 824 more words


You're Such A Lady(boy)

In the Sultan’s Service is my shout-out to Ian Flemming, hey, how’s it going Double-O-Seven.  Brock Bishop is the spy who shagged you.  He’s clever, he’s efficient, he’s diabolical and he has learned twenty languages just so that he can say, “as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit,” around the globe. 844 more words