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Your Wife Wears the Pants

Because let’s face it, sissy faggot, the clothes might make the man — or in your case — the lady.  Ever since she found your strap-on porn and brought home one of her own, you aren’t quite sure what to think.   119 more words

Forced Feminization

From Chi-town to China to Chiang Mai: Lasting Impressions

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach writing about Chiang Mai. I have been here for a month and there have been so many things that I have done and experienced and I wasn’t sure how and where to begin, but now I think it’s about time that I give this city the justice it deserves. 1,591 more words

Astray in Thailand by Jennifer Jarrell

You cannot escape a visit to Thailand without encountering strays of some kind. Cats, dogs, and even more abundant, the travelling backpackers trying to internalize the unfamiliar. 1,445 more words