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Neighbours demand accountability if Lafarge permit is approved

SOUTH THOMPSON — The Ministry of Environment will look closely at including accountability measures in an air emissions permit application being sought by Lafarge for its Kamloops plant. 320 more words

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Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

Concrete is a basic building block. But so far, Indian concrete consumers prefer to make the concrete they use. 339 more words

Lafarge and the Islamic State

Over five years, a multi-billion-dollar firm funded a terrorist militia that carried out attacks across Europe and in France.




Décembre 2017

Le nuage de mots est réalisé à partir de la compilation des tous les titres d’articles et de vidéos d’actualité que j’ai consultés ce mois-ci.

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With his latest album, Pokey Lafarge is giving his old-school fans something new

It’s just after 2 p.m., six hours before showtime, and Pokey LaFarge is sequestered in the third-floor green room of the Castle Theatre in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. 622 more words



Alpena was my elusive ship, and then  . . . just like that . . . on her voyage out from Alpena MI, there she was. 100 more words


Province’s tire policy flip-flop is a slap at small business

Tires have historically been environmentally problematic sources of waste. Recently, however, technological advancements have led to much more efficient recycling by manufacturing construction materials, developing tire-derived fuels (TDF) and repurposing. 614 more words

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