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Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

Concrete is a basic building block. But so far, Indian concrete consumers prefer to make the concrete they use. 339 more words


Lafarge and the Islamic State

Over five years, a multi-billion-dollar firm funded a terrorist militia that carried out attacks across Europe and in France.




Décembre 2017

Le nuage de mots est réalisé à partir de la compilation des tous les titres d’articles et de vidéos d’actualité que j’ai consultés ce mois-ci.

Nuage Du Mois

With his latest album, Pokey Lafarge is giving his old-school fans something new

It’s just after 2 p.m., six hours before showtime, and Pokey LaFarge is sequestered in the third-floor green room of the Castle Theatre in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. 622 more words



Alpena was my elusive ship, and then  . . . just like that . . . on her voyage out from Alpena MI, there she was. 100 more words


Province’s tire policy flip-flop is a slap at small business

Tires have historically been environmentally problematic sources of waste. Recently, however, technological advancements have led to much more efficient recycling by manufacturing construction materials, developing tire-derived fuels (TDF) and repurposing. 614 more words

Small Business

Chainsaws at the Gates

The looming clear cut at the LaFarge gravel pit property has been presented as the end of a “complex” case. It’s not really complicated at all; developers pretty much get to do exactly what they want. 1,000 more words