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LGA campaigning on our behalf

At the end of last November the LGA ‘state of the nation’ report highlighted a £5.8bn funding gap in social care by 2019/20. Ouch!

This report from the Local Government Association (LGA) provides an overview of current issues for adult social care and it’s not light reading. 516 more words

Boiron Jet Lag Care Kit (Pack of 2)

Homeopathic Medicines – Muscle pains: Arnica montana (6C); Sleep pattern disturbance: Cocculus indicus (6C); Drowsiness: Nux vomica (30C). Made in France.
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The general syntax of analytic function is:

Function(arg1,…, argn) OVER ( [] )


SELECT empno, deptno,
deptno) DEPT_COUNT… 857 more words

Oracle SQL Tutorial

requiem vir die sewende vrou

(sestien jaar later)

dit is die ding met ‘n egskeiding
dit bly jou agtervolg
en as daar kinders is
word hulle strooipoppe in die wind… 471 more words


A feeling of being trapped, nowhere to go

And this is what I mean when I refer to the fault of getting ‘ahead of the ball’ ( left). The tendency to activate the upper body too early in the downswing (to lurch forward with the right shoulder) creates the situation where the arms become trapped, the downswing is too narrow and the club-head actually slows down at precisely the time it should be accelerating towards impact. 270 more words


Clues, Fabrications

Time lags don’t seem to matter.
The interconnections
Existing in between.

Clues to aid in understanding
Or is the mind creating fabrications
Trying to reach it. 7 more words

Creating Lag In Your Golf Swing

Stumbled across this article today and whilst it may be a few years old, it is great advice regarding the golf swing transition and lag. Start the downswing just before the backswing finishes! 7 more words