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I see jelly people… Walking around just like regular people | Serendipidy Haven's Blog

An interesting perspective on the new Jelly Babies/Jelly Dolls/whatever that are now in the LL “Quick Graphics” release viewer.  I have been looking forward to these hitting Firestorm, particularly the quick graphics settings. 364 more words

Second Life

7 ways to prevent jet lag, according to flight attendants

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Jet lag happens to us all when we travel.

But for flight attendants, it’s a regular occurrence — and they know a lot more than most travellers about adjusting to different time zones. 732 more words


Demo stock sale at Luther Music

Good sale from Luther Music.

Star buys here include the Faith Naked Mercury (only 1 unit) at $399 and those LAG guitars. Drop by before it’s over. 9 more words


The Future of Video Games

This is just about my hopes for video games in the future. I’ll admit I’m not a huge gamer or play video games on a regular basis, but I still think new additions are cool. 162 more words


Sorry about the lag.. 

Hey Fuddles,
This past week has been a lil difficult. It would be easier talking to you verses typing…

Not that anyone reads this anyway. 187 more words