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Etherchannel, LAG, portchannel and friends

An EtherChannel is a way to use multiple physical interfaces as a single logical one. That logical one appears as a single interface to MAC table, STP and management plane. 20 more words


Is Batman Arkham Knight really a bad PC port?

After hard critique from various gaming news sources around the world, it has been decided that Batman Arkham Knight for the PC is an overall bad PC port. 141 more words


Circumstantial BOTCH! #10: Botched "Research"

…or, “Where in the Abyss have the characters gone?!” Well, take a wild guess. Truth is, we are lagging behind because of “The Conjunction of A Million Spheres”, as ol’ Michael Moorcock would have put it. 57 more words



Back when I was working in a call center
They told me
To empathize with irate customers
Having problems with their internet connectivity
And I said, “Sure, no problem,” 89 more words

Poetry Porn

Extended Outage - Nice Bonus - And less lag?

If you missed today’s extended outage, you’ll be pleased to know Cryptic wasted no time in offering a nice bonus to everyone who had been inconvenienced.   478 more words

Quality Of LIfe

What does the law say?

As the course is based in the UK are all the rules and laws of course British ones and by that not necessarily the same as in Sweden. 100 more words


Solve video problems


You are experiencing a problem(s) with video display, which may include: blurry video, video “freezing,” displaying a green screen, video display is intermittent, video lags behind the audio, video drops out. 193 more words

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