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Next gen gaming with first gen internet: A rant

This is probably one of the most frustrating matches I have ever played.


Heroes of the Storm Beta Blues

Although I love Heroes of the Storm and have spent a ridiculous amount of time in it since I was invited into the beta, it is still riddled with technical issues even this far into the beta. 594 more words


What's Your AO?

I’ve been following a couple of online threads recently about various viewer issues – things not rezzing, Winnie’s missing left eye, etc. :-P

Weird things catch my eye, and after seeing some screen shots of people’s issues, I saw several AO’s. 268 more words

Second Life

Star Trek Online - Lag Issue Found?

I was speaking with a fleetmate in the Saint Olivia channel about the lag and he pointed to a handful of issues with certain traits. He had said that there was proof that some new post Delta Rising Traits were causing major issues with lag. 160 more words


The Early Bird Realtor Gets the Floodplain LOMA

You now have learned about some resources to figure out if your structure is in the floodplain. You also have access to three brochures that give some basics about owning a home or buying a home in the floodplain.   525 more words

Combating Lag

We’re opening 2015 with a new aggressive campaign against lag and latency. Today we’ll share our current progress as well as our plans for this multipronged attack and how you can help us improve faster. 422 more words


Veteran gamers need to walk away from Call of Duty

Call of Duty has gone through a strange metamorphosis. They’ve taken us on epic campaigns with movie quality stories and voice acting while continuing to add to and attempt to elevate the multiplayer experience. 808 more words

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