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Conservation Lagerstätten in the Burgess Shale

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Burgess Shale • Cambrian Explosion • Conservation Lagerstätten • Diagenesis • Evolution • Fossilization • Isotope Depletion • Sediment


A conservation Lagerstätten is a sedimentary deposit with exceptional preservation quality of fossilized organisms. 1,645 more words

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Books on the Cambrian worth buying

by Greg Mayer

Jerry has recently noted a forthcoming book on the Cambrian by the infamous Stephen Meyer. There is a brand new book, … 214 more words


Mass Extinctions, Lagerstatten, the Cambrian Explosion and Hominids' obsession with Fossils: Part Two

Part Two: Lagerstatten

Lagerstatten are localities which are highly remarkable for for either their diversity or quality of preservation, they are rich with varied, well-preserved fossils, representing a wide variety of life from a particular era. 1,338 more words


Mass Extinctions, Lagerstatten, the Cambrian Explosion and Hominids' Obsession with Fossils: Part One

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Burrowin' lizards, Batman!

by Greg Mayer       (Update below)

Lizards are far and away the most species-rich group of living reptiles, with over 7000 species. One of the first things you learn if you’re a little boy interested in such creatures is that snakes are lizards. 1,064 more words


Paleontology and the media

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The New York Times is reporting some major media event at the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday concerning a 47 million year old primate fossil from Germany.  570 more words


Feathered dinosaurs

by Greg Mayer

One of the most exciting developments in paleontology in the past ten years or so has been the discovery that many species of theropod dinosaurs had feathers.  381 more words