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If You Question Your Sanity, You’re Not Alone 🤡

I have been questioning my sanity for the last two years more than the last 30 combined.

One question I always ask “why can’t I settle with a normal 9–5 job, start a family and go to the cinema on the weekend?” 437 more words


Plan B.

Pretty sweet rig huh?!? The amphicar. I would love to tell you that we got our hands on this thing and it became our home for the entire week on Lago Maggiore, but that would be lying to you and I’m not into that but I wished that it were true. 1,085 more words

The Monte Verita above Ascona

We recently spent a few days on the Monte Verita, a hill above Ascona in the sunny Canton of Ticino. From up there, there is a marvelous view of the Lago Maggiore and the surrounding hills. 252 more words


The Mountains Are on Fire: by Bonnie McClellan

The mountains are on fire with clouds,

burning wet they billow up,

choking the spaces between the trees.

I hear the ticking of two clocks. 27 more words

Poetry And Translation

The charm of Italy's lakes in winter.

Intra is a small town, nestled snugly between the scenic shores of Lago Maggiore and the rugged Southern Alps in Italy.  Less picturesque maybe than other touristy locations near the lake, Intra is pretty nevertheless with its fascinating historic centre and medieval heritage.   928 more words

Adult Gap Year