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Dynamic lagoons of Arctic Alaska: getting a baseline

The National Park Service has produced a video on the lagoon fisheries ecology research being conducted in Cape Krusenstern National Monument and Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in partnership with WCS’s Arctic Beringia program. 24 more words



If you fancy nature, waterfalls, volcanos, lagoons, natural beauty in it’s pure state, you should go to Iceland, but be carefull, if you’re shivery, you might turn into a penguin, it’s freezing cold in there! 906 more words



Within purple coves,
We fall headlong
Into dazzling acidic

Steams rise;
Warning signs
To turn away from
Enchanting waves
That corrode our
Plighted skins
Each ravenous dive.


Not a Drop to Drink *Feb 7, 2017*

At this point, we strayed from the salt flats, falling into a new atmosphere every hour. We first stopped at a small desert town. At the entry, a sort of scarecrow hung from a sign warning thieves to stay away or face “community policing.” After stocking up on water (beer), we continued to a llama farm where llamas roamed free, and we chased them down for selfies. 651 more words

Tulum - Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Pro-tip: Drinking too much alcohol the night before a demanding bike trip is not recommended.
Pro-tip 2: Neither is eating new/sketchy/street food. Make sure you have at least 12 hours to get the worst out before starting to bike. 674 more words

Coron, Palawan - Love is sweeter the second time around

This is my second attempt to visit Coron, Palawan. To tell you my story about my first attempt, it was way back September last year when I was scheduled for a flight going to Coron along with my friends.There was a completion of weather in Busuanga Airport so the plane went around for about 30 minutes waiting for the rain to slow down a little bit. 3,561 more words


Galapagos part 2

From Santa Cruz we took a rather bumpy ferry to Isabela. The largest island of the Galapagos, it has particularly dramatic landscapes due to its recent volcanic activity. 335 more words