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Work Week Sonnet Six

It is only Tuesday
But this week feels agéd
In my soul it’s Thursday
Work amplifies stages

Mistakes continue to
Add to previous weeks
Errors’ blizzards accrue… 25 more words


Field Trip Self Portrait Sonnet (DRAFT)

Field trips show students things they haven’t seen
Our culture curated for importance
They give professional world view of means
(Value’s interpretation: oft wealth’s stance) 63 more words


Working Through Papers

I’m where I belong

Buried in other’s wild dreams

In essay format


Today's [L]ight Supremacy

I want to write about an article I read in the timestoday: “Beach Essentials in China: Flip-Flops, a Towel and a Ski Mask.” I came to the computer to comment on this. 989 more words

New York

Zadie Smith's *On Beauty* (Summer Read #1)

7/19/12 8:49 pm

Just finished Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. Hmm, where to start? We’re on Fire Island and the kids are at Bingo Night (I’ve been journaling in my notebook and writing haiku journals in my two blogs… 798 more words


Forever Now

22a. Finite stream of “nows”/
Compose the august balance/
Of our existence/
#haiku Via @emilydickinson

22b. Forever’s made up/
Of an endless stream of “nows”/ 97 more words


Some Thoughts on Religion

10. Metaphors of faith/
Often elude most beliefs/
& understanding/

11. Buildings for worship/
Show diminished faith in G_g/
If s/he so grand/
#haiku… 43 more words