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Aside from being an amazing, 31-track compilation, the double vinyl version of Lagwagon’s 2000 grab bag release Let’s Talk About Leftovers (a play on their 1998 album, … 34 more words



Casual Saturday listening. FINALLY finished up the “need to listen to” pile, so we were able to enjoy a few rounds of listener’s choice. Nilsson’s debut followed by Lagwagon seemed necessary. Cheers.


Flying Frogs - Playing Again: Review

This is another one of those records that could be said to sound like a carbon copy of those who influenced Flying Frogs, as hints of Millencolin, Lagwagon and NOFX are incredibly strong, but the Spaniards nonetheless make this an enjoyable listen. 72 more words


... a Box!

Aside from Double Plaidinum, these five albums were Lagwagon’s discography for this young listener (some 17 embarrassing years ago), which makes this exclusive box set (limited to 519 copies), all the more exceptional. 42 more words


Life in the Fat Lane

Life in the Fat Lane, Fat Music Vol. 4 was my first introduction to The Ataris, and their late 90s summer classic, San Dimas High School Football Rules. 81 more words


The Title Drop

By Jackson Anderson

Aside from being a music enthusiast, I also dabble as a film buff. I don’t pretend to know as much about the film industry as the music industry, and I don’t have any sort of genre specialization, but I still enjoy a good movie. 1,323 more words

Music Jargon

RxR - Fallout 5: Album Review

“There are a lot of borrowed styles and influences that stand out on ‘Fallout 5’, but it plays as a fun guessing game of “who do they sound like?”. 63 more words