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Life After Lay Offs: What Now?

Sadly it’s official guys, I was laid off this last Friday! Even though I work in media and should’ve expected this lay-off to happen, never would I think to experience this so early in my career. 391 more words


Begin again...

As you’ve been noticing I’m experimenting over the idea of using this blog to write about my lifestyle and experiences (which somehow, are always accompanied by music, one way or another). 1,482 more words


Haiku Sunday - Off


Off work, off kilter.

Days filled with uncertainty,

hoping for a call.

Steve D

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

The Endless Optimist

No, it is not the case that I am an endless optimist and these stairs aren’t endless either; they just appear that way… The same goes for the optimism; I’m human just like you are! 405 more words

Law Of Attraction

Grateful for being laid off my job?

Perspective is often the only thing we can control…

Well, not quite grateful (yet), but you will see what I mean. Just this past week, I was enjoying the benefits of working from home when I received an e-mail stating that 12 people in our organization would be laid off. 448 more words


Job Security?

Back again with a random article about nothing really but my thoughts.

After the past two (or more?) weeks of observing users I follow from Buzzfeed getting laid off has really got me thinking. 365 more words

What’s the Point?

I got laid off today. Totally random, out of the blue. HR and management on the phone to assure me it wasn’t performance based but simply a matter of company needs. 487 more words