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The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars 2

Today, Patrick and Drew are discussing The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars 2, originally released July 29th, 2015.

Patrick: The original The Manhattan Projects series built its mystique by taking figures and events from history and slightly distorting, exaggerating and recontextualizing them into a bizarrely compelling science fiction story. 1,412 more words

Alternating Current

In Bisto's Footsteps

Today, on Laika’s 4 months’ birthday, a rare sun was shining and we took a trip to Culzean Country Park where we lived when Bisto came into my life 30-odd years ago. 291 more words


Easy breezy does it for this Sunday.  Lay back and soak in these beautiful sounds


Proud Doggie-Mum

Laika had her first experience of Doggie Day Care today. I delivered her with trepidation at ten o’clock and stuck rigidly to my list of tasks best done without canine ‘assitance’. 334 more words

Letter to Laika's birth-mum

Today is my 3 months’ birthday. Less than a full month in my new home and I am almost clean in the house – except when it is raining hard, when you’d probably pee on the floor too, if I told you to go out and get wet and cold. 195 more words

The Other Mother: An Exercise in The Uncanny

In 2002, Neil Gaiman published Coraline, giving us the villainous Other Mother as she tried to steal Coraline away from her family and home—for the purpose of slowly sucking away her life. 860 more words

Part Time Monster


Early this morning, a good hour or so after we had been out for our middle-of-the-night pee, I was wakened by what felt like something bumping my bed, so faint that I could have imagined it.   326 more words