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Fame and Games, a Weekend in Laika's Life.

Here’s a good game:  I bury the ball, you dig it up again.
– What do you mean, bad for your nails?  You don’t hear me complaining… 27 more words

The Boxtrolls

Compared to animation giants like Disney and Pixar, Laika is very young and inexperienced.  Founded only 10 years ago, their films are mostly a very stylized form of stop-motion animation.   434 more words


Welcome to Moscow!

Welcome to Moscow!

I can’t believe that I have been in Moscow for a week. It seems like I have been here for ages and then it seems the opposite, that it’s only been a few days. 935 more words

Stop Motion Requayed

Stop Motion is one of the most accessible and productive ways in which young filmmakers can explore visual communication and storytelling.  This is clearly demonstrated in the popularity of… 227 more words


Laika: Guard Dog or Butterfly

My decision to get a dog was heavily influenced by an unpleasant experience with a workman. When I announced I was getting a labrador, most people laughed and said a pet butterfly might give me better protection. 296 more words