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Letter to Laika's birth-mum

Today is my 3 months’ birthday. Less than a full month in my new home and I am almost clean in the house – except when it is raining hard, when you’d probably pee on the floor too, if I told you to go out and get wet and cold. 195 more words

The Other Mother: An Exercise in The Uncanny

In 2002, Neil Gaiman published Coraline, giving us the villainous Other Mother as she tried to steal Coraline away from her family and home—for the purpose of slowly sucking away her life. 860 more words

Part Time Monster


Early this morning, a good hour or so after we had been out for our middle-of-the-night pee, I was wakened by what felt like something bumping my bed, so faint that I could have imagined it.   326 more words

Best Dog

It will not be news to those who have brought up a puppy that it is HARD work. It should not be news to me, but how we forget! 345 more words

The Boxtrolls, a movie about being yourself, and also cheese

My quest to see all the 2014 Oscar-nominated animated movies continues with:

The Boxtrolls


Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, directors

Viewing Source: Netflix

Obviously, all five of these movies I’m talking about are good.   279 more words

General Nerdiness

Laika's First Week

Laika was not able to do too much the past week since she has not had her second jags. We did make inroads into socialisation, helped by the fact that she is happy in the car and loves everyone she meets, canine or human. 344 more words