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Touring Around Lake Baikal in the Heart of Siberia

Most tourists who visit Russia spend their time in the Eastern European region, staying far west in a country whose width spans over 6,000 miles. But when you venture to its center, the Russian region of Siberia will open your mind, eyes, and heart to an authentic and ancient culture that is unlike any other in the world. 469 more words


Leaving Lake Baikal and IrkutskĀ 

It took ages to get to sleep last night. I was praying it wasn’t the jet lag (or time-difference lag) but neither me or Tom could get to sleep. 1,105 more words


Day two at Lake Baikal

It was glorious having such a lovely sleep last night. After sleeping on the train for four nights, the beds were an absolute dream at our guest house; soft sheets, soft pillows and above all, big enough for your arms and legs to remain on the mattress. 558 more words


Day one at Lake Baikal

We arrived in Irkutsk this morning at around 9am, our carriage attendant woke us all up a good hour and a half before the stop so we had plenty of time to pack, which we needed! 681 more words


Ten Facts About Siberia

Ergaki Nature Reserve (Krasnoyarsk Krai. Siberian Federal District)… the reserve is 3,429 square kilometres (1,324 square miles) in size


  1. Siberia occupies almost 10 percent of the land on the planet.
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Lake Baikal - Olkhon Island.

What to do on Olkhon island?

If after spending many a nights in the hustle and bustle of the cities and multiple days watching the plethora of oranges and yellows roll by through the train window and you are ready to unwind then Olkhon Island is for you. 1,929 more words