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Baikal Dreams

Arriving at Irkutsk in the dead of night came with one of those now-familiar slight sinking feelings whereby one imagines the outside to be a post-apocalyptic Mad Max wasteland. 2,487 more words

The Godfather of Trains: The Trans-Siberian

Oxana set down my green tea and a fork and patted me on the head. The dining car’s waitress had taken to mothering me since I boarded four days previously and seeing as she was the one who held court – and the keys to the fridge – I was more than happy to let her. 526 more words

Ulaan Ude to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Beyond: 457 Km

The distance between Ulaan Ude and Irkutsk is relatively short, so we opted for a night train that would get us to Irkutsk early the next morning. 820 more words


Ferocious Wildfires Threaten Lake Baikal, Siberia

World’s biggest freshwater lake facing potential ecological catastrophe

Lake Baikal contains 20% of the unfrozen freshwater on the planet

Dozens of raging wildfires threaten Lake Baikal in Siberia, the world’s largest freshwater lake, as they burn uncontrollably along its shores, according to local media. 205 more words

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A Lake and a City

Our hotel was really cute, a series of wooden houses set back up the valley. I guess the easiest way to describe it is a chalet as I am unsure of the Russian name for such a house. 1,255 more words


The World's Oldest Lake

By Linda Tancs

Curving through southeastern Siberia for 400 miles, Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake. At that length, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s more of a sea, but one fifth of the world’s fresh water is located there. 52 more words


Russia Roundup: three weeks through Siberia

We have departed Russia by a bouncing bus, heading from Ulan Ude to Ulan Bataar, the capitol of Mongolia. The journey lasted 14 hours, plenty of time to not only stare out the window, but also watch two films and reflect on the first three weeks of our journey. 298 more words