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The World's Oldest Lake

By Linda Tancs

Curving through southeastern Siberia for 400 miles, Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake. At that length, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s more of a sea, but one fifth of the world’s fresh water is located there. 52 more words


Russia Roundup: three weeks through Siberia

We have departed Russia by a bouncing bus, heading from Ulan Ude to Ulan Bataar, the capitol of Mongolia. The journey lasted 14 hours, plenty of time to not only stare out the window, but also watch two films and reflect on the first three weeks of our journey. 298 more words


#GoingGlocal: "Thank you for your letter," Part II

Editor’s note: The idea for this column, which debuted last Saturday, is for people to share their transnational cultural experiences – a past and present involving personal relationships where our sense of belonging, country and background intersect with another, or multiple others, in deeply personal ways that imprint feelings and memories and shape us and change us in some important way. 1,080 more words


12. Saturday: Chita to Chernyshevsk Zabaikal’sk

Probably the most scenic day on the train.

Travelling now in a half empty carriage. Many of the originals are still travelling East with us. The couple with the small boy in compartment 8 are still there, and still not really talking despite V’s attempt to engage them over the man’s Australia-motifed Bermuda shorts. 1,318 more words

Journey Blog

Last Train from Lake Baikal

July 2000. Somewhere deep in Siberia.

It had seemed like a good idea. More than that, it had seemed like the greatest idea. Inevitable almost. 384 more words


Lake Baikal

LAKE BAIKAL is in a “rift valley”, created by the Baikal Rift Zone, where the earth’s crust is slowly pulling apart.  At 636km long and 79km wide, Lake Baikal has the largest surface area of any freshwater lake and is the deepest lake in the world at 5,387ft.  1,160 more words


Starstruck in Siberia

It was a result of passion; our evening at Muhur Bay. Art, possibility and camping gear aligned like Orion’s winking belt, and delivered us to the shore of the bantam sea, or “Small Sea” strait that is separated from most of Baikal’s impossible gallons by mysterious Olkhon Island. 627 more words