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Why Does My Dog or Cat Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath is not normal, and it is not just “something you have to put up” with if you have a pet. Bad breath is usually a sign of oral disease—approximately 70-80% of pets have signs of oral disease by age 3. 545 more words


About Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is an infectious disease that occurs worldwide and is emerging as a more common diagnosis in the Puget Sound area.

It is caused by the spiral-shaped bacteria Leptospira, of which there are several serovars (strains) of significance. 441 more words


Suburban Seattle Rail Trail Labor Day Bike Ride

I didn’t get out of town for Labor Day weekend and with the weather improving, I decided to go for a good ride. This time I headed north on the… 499 more words


4 Easy Music Games for Parents and Preschoolers

Do you feel unconfident in your ability to support your child’s music education? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed while exploring options for various musical activities? 316 more words

Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

Are you thinking about starting your child in piano lessons? Well, here’s three ways to know if they are properly prepared to begin…

Is your child academically prepared? 266 more words

Piano Bench Conversation

My family tree produces more teachers than any apple tree in Washington. Therefore, it’s no wonder I grew up to be a teacher. However, if I reflect back, my favorite teacher growing up wasn’t related to me, or in a school. 172 more words

How to Study the Piano While On Vacation

You’ve probably packed and repacked your suitcase in anticipation of your big travel plans! However, have you thought about studying music while you are away? Here are three practical ways to study the piano while on vacation. 276 more words