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Warm January Days in Seattle

Sunday and Monday were like spring with clear skies and 60F temperatures, We got up late Sunday and decided to take the dog for a walk, visiting the Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market and then going to Discovery Park for a long walk. 453 more words


Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is not one particular problem, but rather, it describes a group of clinical symptoms that may have more than one possible cause. 375 more words


Cancer in Our Pets

By Dr. Kim Hsu

The mere mention of “cancer” often conjures thoughts of angst, fear, and grief. Unfortunately, at Bothell Pet Hospital, as in most veterinary clinics, we deal with cancer on a daily basis. 362 more words


All About Fleas

If you’ve been in our office lately, you might have overheard us using the ‘F’ word… that dreaded four letter word that makes us all cringe: Flea! 713 more words


Diabetes Mellitus in Cats

Diabetes Mellitus is the second most common endocrine disease in cats. The disease affects the pancreas, which is located along the stomach and small intestine. 472 more words


The Lake Forest Park Garden Tour, Revisited

Every June, the Lake Forest Park garden club organizes a tour of six beautiful gardens in our little town. Lake Forest Park is one of Seattle’s oldest suburbs and features a huge, gorgeous canopy of native trees. 510 more words