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Learning all the time

So, those stale taco shells you were going to throw away? Ducks love those damn things!

Who knew? Well, not me anyway. So that’s what I learned on my sojourn to the park. 22 more words

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The Fat Cat - Overweight Felines and What You Can Do

Current studies estimate that over 50% of cats in the US are overweight or obese. In fact, obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in our pet population. 610 more words


Bit of a southerly wind today

Down at the beach after work –

20 minutes later, it started raining. Fall is here for sure now.

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Like water off a duck's back

In fact, just like that –

Sorry bout the half sun, half shade thing. Best I could do at the time. C’est la vie. 6 more words

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Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

Fall is a great time for hiking in our beautiful Northwest wilderness, and many dogs enjoy hiking and backpacking along with their owners. Below are the ASPCA’s expert tips to ensure your dog’s safety as you explore the great outdoors: 226 more words


Oldie, but a goodie

Mr Heron is always good for a photo or two.

Sometimes he looks all majestic and whatnot –

Sometimes he looks like a total goofball – 24 more words

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Adjusting to Life with a Senior Dog or Cat

We like to say around here at Bothell Pet Hospital that, “Old age is not a disease!” While we would never treat an animal based on its age alone, the reality is that the health of dogs and cats can change as they get older. 632 more words