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los angeles

when i’m overcome with sadness i claw at my throat and sweat through my clothes. you’re crying everywhere, getting snot everywhere, doing that scream-sob thing that sounds like a child drowning. 139 more words

Free Association

Roamin' in the Wilds: What is in North Carolina

The wilds being the mountains, piedmont, and the coastal areas of this particular state. Those areas have a lot of hiding places for pretty much anything. 377 more words

Nessie: now a large salamander?

Is it now SalamaNessie? Say it isn’t so please. All this time witnesses have been seeing a large creature that they misidentified as a plesiosaur, sturgeon among others? 141 more words

Ogopogo still around?

Does Lake Okanagan still have a creature swimming it waters? If this story is true, then it most definitely does.


The creature known as Ogopogo has been around a long time. 99 more words

The Lonely Lake Monster and The Rain Dragon Rescue--more of Imaginary Veterinary

In between reading the 2015-16 OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) titles, I try and read something to “cleanse the palate” if you were….or read something silly and fun.  116 more words

Great Illustrations

Dinosaur Lake by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Where I Got It: Review copy from the author (thanks!).

Narrator: Johnnie C. Hays

Publisher: Self published (2013)

Length: 10 hours 45 minutes

Series: Book 1 Dinosaur Lake… 814 more words


The Monster of Maroon Lake

Cecilia Frank

On Monday, the kayak paddles disappeared.

Counselors spent the afternoon looking grim, whispering to each other during free time, and shooting suspicious glances at the older campers. 1,902 more words