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Give to Michigan Species this Holiday Season!

This holiday season why not Give to Turtles or other special animals found in Michigan? You can show your support with a $10 gift to the Michigan Nature Association. 161 more words

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Ice Fishing

Temperatures were dropping rapidly at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Thick ice was expected to form on the pool before sundown.  Larchmont was disappointed when he saw that catering crews were setting up for moonlight ice skating and hot chocolate service.  51 more words

Species Spotlight: Lake Sturgeon

By Michelle Ferrell, MNA Intern

Though Lake Sturgeon make look intimidating with their armored, angular bodies, it may be fair to classify them as gentle giants of the Great Lakes. 474 more words

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Massive Production

Last Tuesday our research crew (Brandon, Bailey, and I) made a trip down to MDC’s Lost Valley Hatchery. Our goal was to assist with the fall stocking effort of Lake Sturgeon in Missouri. 644 more words

Working Together to Protect Michigan's Species

DNR moose survey results estimate a population increase (Upper Peninsula DNR News): Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists estimate the number of moose in the western Upper Peninsula core population area at 378 animals, up from 285 in 2015. 202 more words

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Navigation, Recreation, or Migration?

The natural history of the Osage River is epitomized by one concept: movement. The battle for the soul of the river has been based on whether it should be a thoroughfare of navigation, a vast pool for recreation, or a corridor for migration. 1,292 more words

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Human personality traits are often presented as dichotomies. You can get online, take a short test, and within minutes know if you are an extrovert or an introvert, a thinker or a feeler, a judger or a perceiver, and the list goes on. 398 more words