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Colors of Crisp Point

Colors of Crisp Point, photo by John Rothwell

Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light says that Crisp Point Lighthouse is located on the Lake Superior coastline between Whitefish Point and Grand Island. 410 more words


Destination: Great Lakes

What’s so great about the Great Lakes region?

The states that make up the Great Lakes region (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, plus the Province of Ontario in Canada) offer some of the most incredible attractions and activities for every season of the year. 555 more words


North Shore - The Beauty of Fall

For people in Minnesota, North Shore is a given destination. Easily doable in a couple of days, this is the perfect weekend getaway. We recently did just a day road trip, to gauge what we should explore more in the days to come. 343 more words


5 Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining

Whether it’s a video of what some would like to believe is a “teleportation” caught on a dash cam, to one of the strangest tutorials and show and tells you will ever see, that no one seems to know who the man involved is… 22 more words

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Fall Leaf

Dear Friends, do you see the tiny spider on this fall leaf? Just a hint, he is orange.  I love when you can see the individual cells in a leaf.   10 more words