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Just One Ball

“If you want to change Africa, we realised that starting with the young people change the mind set and way of thinking,” said Christopher Kasale, field leader of OM Lake Tanganyika. 972 more words


When many people think of Tanzania, they probably think of the Serengeti with it’s arid plains teaming with Wildebeest and Zebra.

… or possibly Kilimanjaro’s snow capped peak. 712 more words


The Headman's Story

“Being a headman means you have to take care of everyone in the village,” explained Dimas. “First I just used my voice to make sure the village was at peace, but now God helps me rule this village (His way). 839 more words

One year on...

One year on. How did that happen? Life goes on pretty much as before apart from our road trip in July. For lack of anything else to do and tight finances, we decided to hop in the tank and drive west towards Lake Tanganyika. 1,653 more words

Tanzania Adventures

The battle of Lake Tanganyika

An earlier post in this blog featured the short military campaign in the German protectorate of Togoland, which marked the first surrender of German troops in WW1, during the same month in which the war started. 2,352 more words


Hilltop Resort, Kigoma

Unfortunately, due to logistics and the rural location of Kigoma, we had very little free time to sightsee and explore. The hotel was situated on an hilltop overlooking Lake Tanganyika with views of the mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) on a clear day. 142 more words