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Lake Malawi

On our way from Zambia to Nkhotakota Bay Lake Malawi we passed by wonderful vistas, cassava fields, and rubber tree groves. It was sad leaving Zambia but seeing Lake Malawi again was exciting. 693 more words


Burundi - a paradise in the middle of nowhere - 1

The first time we heard of Burundi, we were all like – what? Where is this place? 3 years down the line, things are no different. 369 more words


Evolution unwrapped: Investigating diversity with Walter Salzburger

Evolution plays a central role in the field of zoology, with new questions to be chased and an ever expanding field of research. In this… 120 more words


Tanzania 11

The next day, Tuesday 23rd February, for various reasons I decided not to go out with the group (along with three others). Instead, I spent the morning being entertained by habituated baboons on the beach.    904 more words


Lake Tanganyika Aquarium

3ft aquarium with xenotilapia papilio sunflower, chalinochromis ndobhoi, eretmodus cyanostictus kipili and lamprologus meleagris


Ega and the house

Few things shine brighter than Ega when she smiles.

The fifth daughter in her family, Ega was born in September 1981.

At just four days old, Ega got yellow fever, an acute viral disease transmitted through mosquitoes. 767 more words

Planting a church? Start with sports

“The people in the villages are very passionate about fishing and football,” said Christopher Kasale, field leader of OM Lake Tanganyika. “You can talk to anyone with as a platform. 655 more words