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New aquarium addition - Neolamprologus tretocephalus

I had one of these a couple of years back, but tragically learned that they are very good at jumping. But now, after lowering the water level another few inches (I know, a lid would make more sense) and scouring the state looking for a breeder, I’ve got my hands on another. 61 more words


On Lake Tanganyika.

(Inspired by an article by Jeffrey Gettleman)

On Lake Tanganyika fishing nets from skeeter netting

Are practical and inexpensive – and to some, upsetting.  62 more words


The Great Story of Graf von Goetzen

Lake Tanganyika – look it up. It spans 68,000 squared kilometres. At it’s greatest length it is 210 miles long and 150 wide. It’s coastline stretches for 2,000 miles. 624 more words