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Lake Tanganyika and the search for Oil

Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016 for joint exploration and development of hydrocarbons in Lake Tanganyika over a period of 10 years by London based Tullow Oil. 1,011 more words


When WW1 came to East Africa

As we approach Armistice Day, it’s become something of a blog tradition for me to write some posts related to WW1.   I thought this time to pick a little bit of an unusual subject and a little discussed arena in the war, East Africa. 983 more words


Lake Tanganyika and its Adjoining Waterways

Lake Tanganyikasecond largest of the lakes of eastern Africa. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world (410 miles ) and the second deepest 1,436 metres after Lake Baikal in Russia. 340 more words

Tanzania- Into the wild (part II)

So far so good. Until now we followed pretty much the touristy route and especially in Arusha, we experienced the other side of the coin: in the streets people were trying to scam us everywhere: offering “help”, explaining the way when not necessary and expecting us to pay for this stupidities or showing us the “cheapest shop” still forcing us to pay way to much.  810 more words


Tripping through Tanzania

The border gate opens, et voila!, we’re surprisingly in the world of the exotic. The trucks are colourfully painted, with Indian-style exhortations on the back bumper, the favourite being, “No food for lazy man!”. 1,976 more words


The Waterfalls of Northern Zambia

Northern Waterfalls The far North of Zambia has a huge variety of hidden gems.

The places described here are great spots to visit for the self driving visitor, we recommend making a trip of several days to Ndole Bay and several days back. 302 more words

Old Kapiysha Geothermal Plant Walk

This blog is about our tour to the Old Kapiysha Geothermal Plant in the nearby  pebble village of Munshi.

In 1986 the Zambian Geological Survey, in conjunction with Italian Aid, determined that the hot springs in Kapisya were favorable for commercial power generation. 314 more words