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Bukoba Bound

Today we leave Mwanza. Our journey takes to Bukoba. This town on the western edge of Lake Victoria used to be an overnight ferry ride, now due to mechanical failure the ferry does not run, so it’s a lengthy bus journey from Mwanza, this is the first of many bus journeys which will take us out of Tanzania over the equator and into Uganda. 120 more words


Rural Week and Lake Victoria

This past week we went to western Kenya for rural week, which is where we do a rural homestay to see what life is like in a rural part of Kenya. 1,023 more words



Whenever I have in the past travelled out of the country and Nairobi for extended periods of time, I have sometimes experienced severe bouts of homesickness, missed my Raiply made bed, (oh its comfort!). 2,071 more words

Jembe Ni Jembe

Jembe Ni Jembe is a beach resort south of Mwanza. Last night we visited there for the first night with a group of colleagues. One of my colleagues runs a dance group (they performed at the Rock City Charity Ball), and last night they were in a dance competition with the resident dance group. 81 more words

Tanzanian Living

Considering what the film shows us, what do globalization, our consumption, the banks (IMF and WB) and the corporations do to a country like Tanzania?

Film: Darwin’s Nightmare (2004), dir. Hubert Sauper

Globalization of economy is just another loophole that the corporations discovered. Therefore, they are taking advantage of someone else’s misfortune, so to speak. 265 more words

Darwin's Nightmare