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First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who tuned into BBC Radio Devon last Monday morning to hear me mention the word ‘poo’ a lot. 682 more words


Jembeka Festival

In Swahili, jembe is a hoe, but it has also come to mean someone who is hard-working. (Not knowing this, I was a little taken aback when my field assistant declared, after a long day in the field, “Today we have been hoes!”. 601 more words



Luo boys fishing at Dunga, near Kisumu, on the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya; April 1979.

I love the colours and slightly upturned prow of the boat, and its reflection too, and also the overall feeling of relaxation, with time passing slowly on a hot day by the side of the teeming lake. 14 more words


A Night on The Nile

After a whirlwind of goodbyes at Ndeeba School in Kayunga, a rural farming village in Central Uganda, our bus driver swept us away amidst swarms of students cascading against the sides of the bus to give their thanks. 471 more words


Packing for Uganda #atozchallenge

 Dear Africa:

Its unusual when I draw a blank but maybe its the pressure of my internet shutting off any moment.

For people who live in Uganda, I’m sure the sights, the smells, the colors, the animals are all part of a usual day. 175 more words

A To Z

Washing the Ferry Deck..

While making a crossing over the worlds 2nd largest fresh water lake (Lake Victoria – East Africa), it occurred to me that even we Africans never seem to get to see the beautiful side of what we have. 66 more words