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My most Favorite Love Story.

Traveling is something we both enjoy and taking a few days off to enjoy the countryside is usually very welcome. After considering the Coast of Kenya and the Masai Mara, we finally decided to head west and explore the beautiful countryside of Western Kenya. 1,364 more words


Road Tripping Kenya: Kisumu & Lake Victoria

Eldoret is a five hour drive west of Nairobi. Another two hours will get you to Kisumu, a city bordering Lake Victoria.

We stocked up on some road trip provisions: Stoney (like ginger beer but better… we may or may not have smuggled four bottles back to the States with us), Krest (like 7 Up but better… Hubby says it contains quinine which helps protect against malaria), and fresh roasted corn on the cob, purchased through the front passenger window from a roadside stand. 181 more words


Uganda, battered bodies, and football

Ahhh, good old African land border time again! But surely the exiting of Kenya can’t be too bad?

Just to get to the Kenyan border post we had to overtake/queue jump somewhere between 500 and 1,000 trucks, then when eventually we got within sight of the border, we gently managed to ‘push’ our way into the queue, no body seems to get upset with us doing this as we aren’t commercial, just dumb tourists in a mobile apartment. 2,599 more words

Best Resort in Uganda for your Weekend Getaway vacation on Lake Victoria

Whether you’re travelling on your own or with friends and family, you’ll love our resort. Experience the world class hospitality service as well as breathtaking natural surroundings on the shores of Lake Victoria. 329 more words

Lake Victoria

Honeymoon vacation in Uganda at the Lakeside Escape on The Shores of Lake Victoria

Add a wave of color to your honeymoon trip to Uganda with a set apart vacation on the one of the most developed lakeside resort in Uganda. 517 more words

Lake Victoria

The perfect place for your weekend and honeymoon vacation

Looking for a place to unwind on your weekend getaway or honeymoon vacation in Uganda, Lakeside Escape is the best option for all your romantic and family holiday. 285 more words

Lake Victoria

Ultimate Relaxation at Lakeside Escape on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Tired of the city? Looking for something different to do during your holiday in Uganda? Have you tried taking a Uganda Safari during a weekend? Take a break in the world away from the city and spend the weekend in the luxurious cottages on the shores of Lake Victoria. 269 more words

Lake Victoria