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Otway Park Forest, Victoria, Australia

The Great Otway National Park located in Victoria, Australia is an awesome 254,980 acre national park with diverse landscapes and vegetation types, including a 57 mile hiking trail, forest and waterfalls.


Uganda's LGBT Community Holds a Cautious Pride March

A year after a law punishing homosexual acts with life in prison was annulled after strong international pressure, hundreds of Ugandans gathered for a gay-rights march along the shores of Lake Victoria on Saturday. 147 more words

Darwin's Nightmare

I’ve been finding it so hard to keep on top of this blog stuff and watching all the movies on my list. It’s quite overwhelming. But I’ve decided to give it all a red hot go (without causing myself a whole lot of stress… hopefully). 522 more words


Two Dead In Kenya Boat Collision

At least two people, both children, have been killed, following a collision between a passenger ship, which capsized, and a fishing vessel, on Lake Victoria, in western Kenya. 151 more words


Two Dead and Many More Missing After Boat Capsizes in Kenya

(NAIROBI, Kenya) —Two people died and 25 others were rescued after a passenger boat with about two dozen passengers collided with a fishing boat on Lake Victoria, a police official said Wednesday. 90 more words

You have a choice

My travels to the western part of Kenya were lovely. It was definitely an eye opener as i sat down literally, at the shores of Lake Victoria, the source of the longest river in the world. 173 more words


Future Plans

Hello all!

I’ve been going through my blog updating posts to include pictures that (at the time) I was unable to post because of the quality of the internet, so if you’re curious about what things actually looked like, go back and take a look! 626 more words