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The Welcoming Committee

I sit with my eyes closed and my head back, facing the warmth of the sun.  The breeze is cool and gentle as it blows my hair just the right amount.  592 more words


Finding the Source of the Nile and other Adventures

After leaving Kampala on the first day of 2018, we got a bus to Mbale- very bumpy road for most of the 4 hour journey (using YY buses – leaving from Qualicell bus terminal and costing 15,000). 1,749 more words


Migingo Island - Population 131

Migingo Island, located in Lake Victoria, near the Kenya-Uganda border, has a population of 131 on half an acre, and is home to “ 28 more words

Tears of the Big Waters [a story]

The California sycamore in the meadow of the Topanga canyon hilltop rustled as if it had just spoken. Nya Okatsa’s back remained molded against the wizened tree trunk as the sudden jerk from Malik’s head in the cradle of her crossed legs belied the nonchalant sprawl of the rest of his six-foot frame on their picnic blanket. 2,452 more words

African Culture

The Eye of the Sahara

Upon reaching adulthood, many individuals, who live upon this Earth, have already accumulated a whole number of unanswered questions about the surrounding world, phenomenons, events and historical monuments. 1,628 more words


Several people have asked if they can send me something for Christmas. Really, it is crazy to send gifts here! It costs me money to pay the customs, and someone has to go to Migori during the work day to pick up packages from the posta. 317 more words

In Kenya