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New Zealand 2010 – South Island – Day 11: Queenstown

Summer 21 Desember 2010. Queenstown

Hari ini kita praktis tidak ngapa-ngapain. Lumayan buat recovery jantung akibat kegiatan Nevis Arc kemarin. Sebenarnya kita sudah set alarm untuk bangun jam 6 dan jam 7 pagi. 58 more words

New Zealand

New Zealand 2010 – South Island – Day 10: Queenstown (Nevis Arc, Maori Haka)

Summer 20 Desember 2010. Queenstown

Pagi-pagi setelah kita menyelesaikan semua kegiatan rutin seperti hari-hari biasa, jam 10.00 pagi kita sudah sampai di i-Site. Kita lihat brosur-brosur yang tersedia untuk memilih dan memastikan kegiatan apa saja yang menarik kita lakukan selama di Queenstown. 70 more words

New Zealand

Views from The Remarkables, Queenstown

On 22nd September we spent a day enjoying spring skiing at The Remarkables.  The field was within two weeks of  closing for the season, however there was still a good coverage of snow.   104 more words

New Zealand Ski Fields

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is one of the biggest lakes in New Zealand and looks fascinating from pretty much every angle. By the lake, you can also find the lovely city of Queenstown, which we’ll have a special post on! 15 more words


क्वीन्सटाउन : स्वप्नातले गांव

क्वीन्सटाउन  हे दक्षिण न्यूझीलंड मधील सर्वात मोठे शहर . अतिशय सुंदर. ह्या शहरात तीन दिवस मुक्काम केला आणि आजूबाजूचा परिसर पाहीला. मिलफोर्डला जायचे असेल तर येथूनच जावे लागते .


Son's Homework II: a little more blue!

I asked my son’s advice about the tone and color, he just said: ‘ Did I take this one, well, a bit more blue!’…So be it, a bit more blue!


Road tripping around New Zealand Chapter 16: Biking around Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

5 December 2015

We were due to leave for Te Anau today but we still have the morning to spare. Corrine and me decided that we would finally go rent a bike and bike around Lake Wakatipu. 647 more words