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Glenorchy - pearl down south

What a wonderful journey, quiet, cool wind, 2 hours drive from queens town; 4 hours walk, getting know the miners life, the early settlers living #1900 #otago


Lake Wakatipu

English novelist Anthony Trollope visited New Zealand in the winter of 1872, landing at Invercargill in the far south of the country. From there, he planned to visit Lake Wakatipu, 70 miles to the north and already a tourist attraction. 417 more words

Vintage Postcard

Dragon tales of Middle Earth: Queenstown

Queenstown New Zealand April 2017 (18 photos)

This is part 11 of my New Zealand series of posts. 376 more words


Queenstown @ New Zealand 冒险之都@纽西兰皇后镇


载我们去四驱越野的司机大哥说瓦卡蒂普湖水每25分钟会升降10cm, 而且有个美丽的传说~~话说很久很久以前,有个住在深山的巨人把镇上财主的女儿抓走了,财主就说哪一个青年能把巨人杀了救女儿回来就把女儿嫁给他。有个勇敢的青年刺了巨人一刀把财主的女儿救回来了,但巨人其实没死,只是沉进湖里心脏还是在跳动,所以湖水随着起伏跳动的心脏而产生潮汐效应。。。 7 more words

My Journey 一步一脚印

Te Waipounamu, Part One

Te Waipounamu, the Greenstone Island, is the Ngāi Tahu name for the South Island of New Zealand, which is rich in pounamu (jade). Without knowing the Kaikōura quake would wreak havoc on travel plans at the top of the island, Peter and I had conveniently planned a road trip that focused on the bottom two-thirds of the island and included a mix of places I’d been before and ones that were new to me. 614 more words

New Zealand

Glenorchy @ New Zealand 中土世界@纽西兰格林诺奇

离开皇后镇车子沿着瓦卡蒂普Wakatipu湖开,一直开到湖的最北端就是有“魔戒小镇”之称的格林诺奇Glenorchy。电影“魔戒”和“霍比特人”的外景有很多都是在这个地方拍摄的。走吧走吧,走一趟中土世界之旅! 8 more words

My Journey 一步一脚印

Greetings from Tomorrowland

One of my favorite childhood books was “Upside-Down Town,” about a little town where everything was opposite the rest of the world. People walked backward so they could see where they’d been, stores paid people to take their goods, and (my personal favorite at the time) schools were only in session on holidays. 921 more words