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"Lets Not Put the DUH in DUMB"

 A little Bring It On reference there for all of you.

So for the longest time when you thought of the word “cheerleader” you thought of the Dallas Cowboys. 274 more words


Sage The Great

I would like to begin this blog post by apologizing to all my readers. I haven’t gotten myself to write for over two months not because of writer’s block, but only because of life getting ahead of me! 919 more words


Favorite Paul Abdul Lyrics

1a. Vibeology is the study of the chemistry of you and me. This line makes me think Paula Abdul could have been a scientist, but instead she got her doctorate in dance. 44 more words

JD + Laker Girls + Spago =

Today’s picture of the day has me in it.  I couldn’t NOT have me in this, could I?  How many people on Earth can say that they sat down to have dinner with 3… 55 more words

'Laker Girl' Jeanie Buss On LTV

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — She’s perhaps best known by fans for her relationship with coach Phil Jackson, but Jeanie Buss isn’t just the prettiest face behind the franchise — she may also be the smartest. 310 more words

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GOSSIP: Justin Timberlake Rejected By A Laker Girl?

This dancer should be named “Woman of the Year.” WHY? Because she RESISTED Justin Timberlake’s charms, that’s why! Last week Justin was sitting in the front row at the Lakers game and he was ogling this college educated Laker girl.

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Cheerleader Turned Laker Girl

Becoming a Laker Girl at the age of 19, Paula Abdul is arguably one of the most famous former cheerleaders.  And while her career has taken her from pop star to… 116 more words