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Hunting Quiet Waters

Earlier this summer I was walking the towpath of a small canal, wondering what I might discover in the heat of the late morning sun. 306 more words

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Green Heron in Morning Light

The universal challenges of distance and light can be especially difficult when photographing wetland wildlife on foot. Moving to a better position to close the gap or improve the lighting is usually not an option.  68 more words

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Families of Geese

My initial post on a family of geese featured fuzzy little goslings exploring a brave new world in the shadow of their parents (“Geese, Geese and More Geese” on May 24). 72 more words

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Broken Water in Sunshine and Shadow

A recent trip to a nature center and wetland complex culminated with me blending into a small willow tree on the edge of the trail, doing my best Great Blue Heron imitation. 136 more words

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Geese, Geese and More Geese: Goslings!

Canada Geese mate for life and, for the pairs that nested successfully, the 25 – 28 day incubation period is over. There are downy little goslings everywhere. 75 more words

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Working the Mudflats

A mated pair of Killdeer on the mudflats of a flooded cornfield in the late evening sun……….

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