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Fish Hawk in Evening Light

One evening last week two local fishermen were successful, one because it caught a filling meal, the other because he could share in the experience through observation. 214 more words

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Wetland Birdlife: Resting, Diving, Hunting and Fishing

Officially, we’re more than 3 weeks into Spring, but this past weekend was really the seasonal turning point. Cold rain, residual surface ice and flooding prevailed, but have since yielded to very warm, sunny days and an early floral bloom in the lawn. 148 more words

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Glacial Soils and Waterfowl

In this region of glacial soils, melting snow and rain give rise to temporary, but important, wetland habitat for waterfowl: flooded depressions in farm fields. These ephemeral surface waters form in low places over poorly drained, fine-textured glacial deposits and attract many species of migrating waterfowl, sometimes in large numbers. 93 more words

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Wetland Wildlife in Early Spring

The source of a nearby reservoir and pond is a wetland complex with a mix of wooded swamps, cattail marshes and surface waters. After three months of hunkering down in cold and snow, 128 more words

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Foggy Surprise

Melting ice, open water and the spring migration have rekindled my interest in ponds and wetlands. I saw no migrating waterfowl this morning, but was treated to a low fog layer, nestled in over one of my favorite ponds. 13 more words

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Spider on Snow - Lakeshores in Winter

How is it that a tiny black spider can appear on top of freshly fallen white snow in the middle of the winter? To the spider it is poor timing, but if a storm didn’t displace it from its winter hiding spot, then it is a victim of its own chemical and biological reactions to a sunny day.  441 more words