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First Time Gate Guarding - Days 72 - 74

Day 72

Here are last week’s figures, and as you can see, it was another really nice week. If it hasn’t become clear, this job really suits us when the pace is reasonable and we have lots of free free time.   2,863 more words


First Time Gate Guarding - Days 69 - 71

Day 69
The last couple of weeks have been really great, and the days are just flying by, in a good way.  The weather is beautiful, the pace is nice, and there is plenty of downtime for doing other things here in the rig.   2,813 more words


puffing billy

Dec ’15

One of the attractions that was high on our list was Puffing Billy. Z advised us to book the tickets online as it was school holidays and the tickets tend to sell out. 327 more words


First Time Gate Guarding - Days 65 - 68

Day 65

The weather was absolutely stunning today. 74 degrees, no clouds, and a light breeze.  I decided to go to the grocery store and it was nice getting out.   3,509 more words


The search for something interesting

A few days ago one of my favourite YouTubers, Thomas Heaton, posted a video where he talked about the many days out shooting that just doesn’t work out and I really related to what he said. 315 more words


First Time Gate Guarding - Days 63 -64

Day 63

The ranch owner stopped by last night to check the rain meter and told us we had 7/10ths of an inch the day before.   2,357 more words


First Time Gate Guarding - Days 60 - 62

Day 60

Last night a storm front came in very fast and you could actually see this cloud moving quickly towards us.  Thankfully I had enough time to open the gate and snap a couple of pictures because it quickly started pouring and then the lightning came. 2,247 more words