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Lakeside Portraits

Gorgeous light glistened along the shoreline of Laurel Lake as Kelly and I searched for the perfect spot for portraits. Her photos may give the impression that we were secluded, but we were anything but that–people littered the spillway beach, fisherman casted their lines beside us, and several boats were drifting all around us. 42 more words


Fitton and Ashton claim World Trophy glory!

Darryl Fitton won his first major title on British soil with a hard-fought 13-9 victory over Australian qualifier Peter Machin in the BDO World Trophy final at the Lakeside on Monday evening. 1,249 more words


First Time Work Kamping in Alaska

Here we are at Glennallen and what I call the third phase of our full timing experience is now beginning.  Since we don’t have investments or pensions to rely on, we always knew we would have to continue working.   2,245 more words


First Time in Alaska

We decided to bypass Whitehorse in the morning for a couple of reasons.  First, it looks like a cool town and not the place you want to blow through, and second, we were trying to catch up with our friends Kelly and Bill… 2,748 more words


First Time in the Yukon

There was something momentous about crossing into the Yukon for me.  This was a place I had heard so much about, and it conjured images of snowy tundra, vast space, gold rush fever, and of course Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 2,233 more words


My First Camp Ever!

Did you know I went to a nature camp all alone???!!! It was a YMCA NILSHI LAKESIDE CAMP! This camp was for ages 8-11 Juniors and 12-15 seniors. 456 more words


The Untold Stories of Science by Sarah Olsen

Reflections: Perhaps you have heard this story before: A researcher has a scientific question and she makes a hypothesis. She runs an experiment, analyzes the results, and lo and behold – her hypothesis is supported by the data! 1,320 more words

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