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Padma Lakshmi - There are hundreds of varieties of #mint, but spearmint, whi...

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Have you given your house a damn good clean?

The biggest celebration of them all is coming up and Dilliwalahs are busy cleaning their houses.  Wondering why everyone is buying brushes and scrubbing furiously?  This idiots guide will give you some sort of answer in just 200 words. 340 more words

Understanding India


Hullo, my sudden readers.

Today I am featuring Lakshmi, Avaway, Aurica Store, Mimikri and Italiano @ Cosmopolitan.

The current round of Cosmopolitan will end on October 22, 2016. 158 more words

Amma lakumi devi

Amma lakumidevi nimmarasana toresummane
Biduvadu sammatave ninage ||pa||

Hetta balaru mandamatigaladare tayi
Sattu hogali endu ettade biduvole ||1||

Nimma matige hari sammatanaguva
Kumatigalenisade rama muruti tore||2|| 27 more words


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hullo, my innocent readers.

Today I am featuring no.match and The Little Branch @ Hello Tuesday. Plus Lakshmi, Asteria and Come Soon Poses @ Cosmopolitan. 253 more words

Top 5 Apps for Diwali (Deepawali)

​Diwali, the “festival of lights” is celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair and is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. 397 more words

God and Drama

Even though I know through my experience somethings about God, I cannot share it with you. If I say: “God is this,” it will only be information for you. 650 more words