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Tanrıçalar'a Seslenelim

Kadınlar geri dönmek istiyor…

Dünya’mız enerjisini geri toplamak, özüne geri dönmek istiyor. O kadar eril olmuş ki aslında en başta dişil enerjiye sahip bu gezegen. Gezegenimizi iyileştirmede o yüzden en çok kadınlara iş düşüyor. 198 more words

Meleklerden Gelen Rehberlikler

Goddesses & Chakras - Oh My!

Well, speaking of the “winds of change,” it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here! I’ve been busy preparing a new book, Chakras Alive! And the proof has just arrived! 189 more words

Roslyn Elena McGrath

For Elsa

the iron weight of your skeletal frame
in my trembling arms, as we pulled you
down from that horrible hideous hearse
my eyes were burning but i wept no tears… 299 more words


In Winter

in winter
i cover my hands and feet
in the warmth of secrecy
my fingers feeling loosely
the familiar tinge of hell 99 more words



And maybe peace is not
A bilateral talk in an air-conditioned room
With high security to defend the privileged
It is the perpetual sorrow and spirit of warring men… 430 more words


An Ode to Winter

The last dregs of winter are washed away
By a greening rainstorm – outlandish weather
To greet the spring. 120 more words


For a Friend

oh my friend, my friend
do you know, if i could, if i could
i would walk with you always
when the world grew dark… 126 more words