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Mengapa Karunia Kekayaan dari Lakshmi Tertunda #BhagavadGitaIndonesia

Tidak ada gunanya doa kita dikabulkan kalau tidak dikabulkan pada waktu yang tepat:

Di  zaman  India kuno banyak tenaga dicurahkan untuk upacara Veda yang  dikatakan  begitu  ilmiah  dalam  pelaksanaannya, hingga  kalau  para  orang  suci  berdoa  mohon hujan, tidak pernah ada  kekeringan. 848 more words

Anand Krishna

Lakshmi : Patron of Fortune, Affluence and Prosperity

The serene existence of magnificent Maha-Lakshmi temple amidst the commotion of a busy traffic signal across Sarasbagh in Pune might strike as rather odd. Built with pristine white marble in Dravidian architectural style, the temple opened to public for worship in 1984 and has since been held of great religious significance in the city. 591 more words

AWL LONGREAD: Scarred but not Scared

Lucknow’sPowerpuffGirls Brave, full of grit, scarred but not scared these women have a terrific indomitable spirit like no other


It’s a Saturday afternoon and the sun is as bright as a firefly. 1,257 more words

Living Tales Exclusive: Scarred but not scared

It’s a Saturday afternoon and the sun is as bright as a firefly. Amidst the slight breeze that slithers past those sitting in Sheroes Hangout, there is a gentle voice that says, “Sir Dhoop Bahut tez hai Chhanv mein aa jaiyye.”  I look up to find an acid attack survivor at the cafe as I wait for a book inauguration ceremony to kickstart. 1,211 more words

Newsy Takes

The Pallava's Lakshmi

Lakshmi, her imagery and the way we tell stories about her are  India’s way of communicating ideas about wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

Now close your eyes and try to bring up the topmost mental image you have of Lakshmi. 280 more words


E.P.I.C — #1 : The one with the contentious Soda 

Twitter is a very enterprising place. In a recent conversation with a friend, I reminisced about the versatility of South Indian actresses in the 80s who not just regaled the audience with the ‘typical heroine’ roles but also sunk their teeth into meaty characters that in many a way sowed the seeds for the self-proclaimed new-age female-oriented movies. 622 more words


Time Is Golden

For the longest time I held myself to such high standards in so many different aspects of my life, that should I not live up to these impractical standards, I would beat myself up mentally and emotionally for it. 557 more words