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Pippi threw a curve ball

She did, too, in a number of ways.

Firstly, Pippi has never had a single, never ever.  Always pretty good sized twins, usually a buck and a doe (I wish I had a photo of her, pre-baby delivery.   551 more words



Was quite the day.  We have been doing round-the-clock checks on a few of our does, and no one appeared to be doing anything yesterday or last night.   570 more words


New Snow for the Snow-Eaters

Overnight the snow did turn into sleet.  It was quite nasty out there for our 11 PM goat check last night.  Everyone was snug as a bug, and no one looked as though they were going to be standing alone in the corner anytime soon, listening to their inner baby bio-rhythm, so it was back to the house for some sleep. 183 more words


That's the plan

Waiting on all our goat blood test results is almost over.  The only test not reported out so far is the CL test (Caseous Lymphadenitis, very nasty).   221 more words


Donkey dilemma

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, whichever you celebrate.  We had a very laid back beginning to Hanukkah, and a lazy Christmas day with the kids and grandson. 607 more words


Goat rodeo on ice

Well, Monday is a wrap.  Finally.   We had quite the morning.  Zelda and the buck Oreo were scheduled to leave us and join the farm that Sassafras and Pickles went to live on two weeks ago.   530 more words