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Wicked lucky

The latter part of this past week we were prepping for the next Big Blizzard, due to hit us yesterday and into today. But the midcoast area of Maine got incredibly lucky this time. 257 more words


Snowed in

What a week! I only ended up having 2 days of work. Monday, big storm, so school was called off. Tuesday we had a 2 hour delay, but I couldn’t get out at all because the tractor wouldn’t run in the extreme cold (diesel fuel kept gelling up) and my car got caught behind it. 236 more words


Juno, blizzard of 2015

The storm has come and gone now. Juno. Two snow days this week and more snow on the way this Friday! We just got in a little while ago from continuing the cleanup, and there is more we should do, but just can’t get to right this minute. 129 more words


Blustery Friday evening

Friday evening finally. The week has been a little bit of a challenge with the snow on the ground and the wind that has picked up. 119 more words


New kids on the block

And then there were 6.  Five doelings and one outnumbered buckling.  Got up this morning to go milk and heard a doe screaming in the barn (very melodramatic mama in labor).   162 more words

Invigorating, to say the least

The week has been full of what they were calling a “polar vortex” last year.  The term doesn’t seem to be as popular this winter, but it was a blast out of the arctic for sure. 246 more words


End of an era

I had every intention of writing this post early in the week. But it’s been a tough one. The arctic blast has been hitting us this week with minus zero temperatures, and some wind that would stop a truck. 205 more words