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Fergus and Mama Pickles

Fergus, our last kid born, is doing really well.  His mama, Pickles, is a great mother, and is doing her goat mama thing.  Having had a single baby, I was concerned about her udder.   221 more words

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Pickles picks the perfect day

Our yearling doe, Pickles, chose wisely.  She really didn’t look ready to kid today at all, but first-timers can fool just about all of us!  I did chores, checked her carefully, and her udder looked a little tiny bit bigger, but nothing serious.   350 more words

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Keeping busy

Not difficult on a farm in the spring.  Pippi’s babies are doing very well, and they are growing like weeds.  We let them out of the jug on Monday morning, and it’s one of my favorite things to watch as the mama and babies get introduced back into the herd.   333 more words


Pippi delivers the goods

I don’t think that Pippi has ever had her kids at night.  She always goes into labor early in the day and by evening everyone is settled for the night.   191 more words

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Pippi's up

It’s just about that time!  Pippi the bruiser is due tomorrow.  We have been calling her Pippi Saddlebags for quite awhile now, as she look like she is carrying a suitcase on both sides.   156 more words

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May grey

Not sure if we have had any sun since May 1st!  It sure feels like we have not.  It’s grey, overcast and damp.  The good part of this has been that we are getting a little of the rain that we need, but in-between, we have not seen the sun.   190 more words


April vacay week

My last April vacation week ever!  The best part?  The Peepers are back!  (I love those little guys and wait for them each spring).

Otherwise, the weather has totally cooperated, and there was a lot of activity around here.   288 more words