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On the run

And I am loving it! Less snow every day is a real blessing. I don’t know how long it will take to get clear ground back, but I am cheering for it in a big way. 178 more words


One of these things is not like the other

I can’t believe it has taken one of the bucks all winter to realize that the doorway to Nirvana, (aka being with the girls), was open all the time. 288 more words


Relief weather moves in

Amazing days! I am seeing patches of hay on the ground that have not been visible in months :*)  I am beginning to think we might see a few patches of gravel driveway by the end of the day tomorrow as well. 92 more words


Wicked waste of a week

I have been away from the blog for too long, but definitely not on purpose. We had a wonderful getaway in Freeport last weekend, and then late Monday night/early Tuesday morning I woke up with a monstrous case of the stomach flu. 394 more words

LaMancha Goats

Wicked lucky

The latter part of this past week we were prepping for the next Big Blizzard, due to hit us yesterday and into today. But the midcoast area of Maine got incredibly lucky this time. 257 more words


Snowed in

What a week! I only ended up having 2 days of work. Monday, big storm, so school was called off. Tuesday we had a 2 hour delay, but I couldn’t get out at all because the tractor wouldn’t run in the extreme cold (diesel fuel kept gelling up) and my car got caught behind it. 236 more words


Juno, blizzard of 2015

The storm has come and gone now. Juno. Two snow days this week and more snow on the way this Friday! We just got in a little while ago from continuing the cleanup, and there is more we should do, but just can’t get to right this minute. 129 more words