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April vacay week

My last April vacation week ever!  The best part?  The Peepers are back!  (I love those little guys and wait for them each spring).

Otherwise, the weather has totally cooperated, and there was a lot of activity around here.   288 more words


Sunday, fun day

Another absolutely fantastic day on the coast of Maine!  It was definitely a good one.  The weather was perfect, even to the point of not much wind.   267 more words


Can it be spring?

I don’t know!  I think it’s close.  I am dying to be outside and enjoying the sun.  One more day until April vacation begins.  I am  looking forward to it more than I can say. 122 more words


It's coming

I can smell Spring.  It’s almost upon us.  We had a bunch of nasty wet snow yesterday afternoon, and it froze up over night, but today it’s gone.   38 more words


Reddog, little big man

Ah yes.  Things went very well the other day when we let Reddog out into the mix with the large doe group.  At least for awhile. 444 more words


Reddog steps back in

(The video above is some of what went on when we reintroduced Reddog back into the main group of does.  He did quite well)

It’s been quite a week and a half.   442 more words


New boy on the farm

Back in the fall when I headed out to Vermont to pick up the two new Golden Guernsey does, our friend Jane and I bought a GG  buckling from Ardelia Farm as well.   340 more words