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House-Senate Conference Committee approves framework to improve K-12 education

Source: U.S. House Education and the Workforce Committee

Today, the House-Senate conference committee reached agreement on a proposal to improve K-12 education and replace No Child Left Behind… 529 more words

ESEA Reauthorization: What's in the Box?

Addendum 11-19-15: After only about an hour and a half, the conference committee concluded its meeting on 11-19-15 and said okay to the “framework” apparently with only a few superficial amendments. 620 more words

High-stakes Testing

Obamacare: Good News and Bad News

By Paul Krugman
The New York Times

NOVEMBER 3, 2015 1:17

Maybe I’m just being naive, but if it were up to me, reports on politicians’ pronouncements would provide some context about things those politicians have said in the past – just to help the readers, who probably don’t have dossiers ready to hand. 980 more words

Moderate GOP senators form green coalition

Moderate GOP senators form green coalition

By Timothy Cama – 10/29/15 12:11 PM EDT

Four centrist Senate Republicans are banding together to call for policies to protect the environment. 344 more words

Climate Change

McQuaid Invitational agate

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51st McQuaid Invitational

At Genesee Valley Park, Rochester 

3.0 mile course – Varsity results


Unseeded A-3 top individuals… 538 more words


Obama-Core?  More like Conserva-Core!

Who’s to blame?  In this year’s ferocious presidential debates, GOP candidates are falling all over themselves to point fingers about the Common Core State Standards.  Jeb Bush, who still supports the standards, has come under withering attack from folks such as Mike Huckabee, who used to.  437 more words

In The News

Who Were the Eight Republicans That Voted For the Iran Deal..?

Technically, they voted against an amendment to stop the deal, but same stink… Here’s the establishment’s ignomious eight, including some “get tough, national security” poseurs: 25 more words