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Kebab Delight, Wood Green

Staying in the Wood Green means making the most of amazing Turkish delicacies nearby. Originally the bain marie stylings of Kebab Delight lured me in, but I ended up ordering the doner lamb meal (£7.50) dine in. 89 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: Bob of Mongaloo, a 353 word story short.

It is a chilly autumn night out and about in the Mongaloo Mountain ranges. There is a beast watching two teenage boys with intense interest. The two young men are sitting down congratulating themselves with some stolen beer after a five hour trek up the mountain trail and a two hour struggle trying to pitch their tent and get a fire going. 393 more words

Special Features

A letterbomb with no address

And all the colours bleed in on themselves and I’m left so cold.
When all I wanted was a hand to hold to watch the world explode. 114 more words

Good luck for friendships!

With Easter now in site, we will start taking orders for our delicious home produce, including our home baked Hot Cross Buns. Did you know that in Ireland there is a saying “Half for you and half for me, between us two, good luck shall be”! 86 more words


Lamb Tajiene

This dish is so tasty and easy. The longer you leave it in the oven the better the dish tastes. It’s something you can throw together in the morning, leave all day and have it ready and tasting insane for a dinner party in the evening!  300 more words

Moroccan meatballs & couscous

This recipe requires approximately 83,956 ingredients, but they are worth it. I feel like I pulled half my spices out of the pantry to make this meal, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 510 more words