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Dead Sheep

Yesterday evening one of our ewes didn’t look very well. I got her into the shelter and gave her some ewe boost medicine and some food. 132 more words


Shepherding at Bonnie Brae

24 May 2016 – We recently spent a weekend volunteering at a sheep farm in Molesworth owned by Andy and Karen. It’s several hundred acres of land passed down to Andy from his family, currently being used to run cattle and sheep. 2,668 more words

Wwoofing With Child

Lambing Season

How do you make a living on a rock surrounded by water that doesn’t have a large employer, a bridge to the mainland or even a hospital? 742 more words


My short lambing experience

Last month I had the wonderful and short experience of taking part in the lambing process. I went initially with the sole purpose of recording sound but soon enough realised it was too close to the motorway to get anything other than the background humming and the occasional bird song. 760 more words


'No, I don't want mint sauce..'

So, it’s the day after my exams have finished and I’m already struggling to find things to fill my time with before work experience starts next week. 1,223 more words


The Enthusiastic Mum

Ewes know instinctively what to do when their lambs are born. They clean off  the mucus covering the lamb; they make encouraging murmuring noises to it; while washing the lamb they encourage it to stand and then suckle; they nibble through the umbilical cord and they eat the afterbirth – to make sure it doesn’t attract predators. 214 more words