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Pastoral Past Times

Why I ever agreed to give a home to a Gloucester Old Spot sow and her piglets, escapes me now. There was no pig cot or sty to receive them and they had to live in an open sided barn close to the woods – pretty much free range.  528 more words

Spring 2016

Despite last week’s snowfall and freezing temperatures, Spring has made an appearance in Rhodes!

Apple blossoms, daffodils and lambs!


Roast Tomato Passata (and Moussaka)

When we have tomatoes I make roast tomato passata and then freeze it. It is so easy, it is almost criminal.

Halve tomatoes and put in a roasting tin. 266 more words


Count their legs and divide by four

Having returned home after a couple of weeks away (you can read about that trip here), it was great to have a walk in the paddocks and check out the Rock Farm.   241 more words

Around The Farm

Another week ahead

Hi – this is me, trying to rejuvenate my personal writing on rivettingkatetaylor.com because after all, I pay for domain.  The legs aren’t mine, they belong to Tania Kerr, who I wrote about in NZ Farmer this week. 190 more words


First steps to lambing

When it comes to lambing there’s two very crucial elements you’ll need in order to deliver a healthy crop of lambs. The first being a ram, (or more commonly known as a tup within the farming circles) and then you need some ewes. 650 more words


How to qualify as a farmer

How to qualify as a farmer, from the outset the question seems that with a few processes some training and a lot of time a definitive goal and final destination may be in sight. 552 more words

Oaks Barn Farm