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Die-cast: Autoart Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

Special Lamborghini Countach beautifully recreated

Some consider Lamborghini’s Countach the first modern supercar, or at least the first via design to slap the auto world awake to say that styling AND performance dictate what’s a supercar and what’s not. 484 more words

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Interesting Used Car Of The Week: 1985 Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV

If only I had somehow gathered the money to acquire a Lamborghini Countach a few years ago, it would have been the best investment I could have possibly made. 235 more words


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David Hasselhoff Just Released the Most 80s Music Video Ever… in 2015

The Hoff is back! And he’s got a Lamborghini Countach. True Survivor… 18 more words

What car poster did you have in your bedroom growing up?

The Lamborghini Countach poster is always touted as the official poster for car-loving children of the 1980s. By the time I was born in 1991, the Countach was history, and it was all about the Diablo, or “Diabwo,” as toddler-me pronounced it. 676 more words

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Detroit. Motor City. A city which has suffered a much publicised decline from its position in the 1960s as the heart of the American motor industry, to the bankrupt, crime-riddled shell of today. 972 more words

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Why do they do it?

Some things, as they say, do just what it says on the tin. To my mind, the rear boot excrescence is generally well named. 545 more words

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