Limited Edition cars are very rare to find on road and most of the times the Limited Edition cars have different color schemes and power upgrades and some high tech gadgets that are not available in the standard models.And also the rareness of Limited Edition cars make them a status symbol.So Limited Edition cars which are produced in very few numbers will be sold out quickly some times before some automobile enthusiast came to know about its existence.And another way of buying these Limited Edition cars was to go through second hand market but to go and buy a Limited Edition car in second hand market one needs to know what are the special edition cars in a particular model or the company so he can bargain about the price and also don’t get fooled by second hand dealers.So today we are bringing our readers the list of Limited Edition Murcielago Cars.As Lamborghini is a very popular brand nown for its sheer power and exotic looks there are some enthusiastic fans who want to now about each and every Limited edition car of their favourite car brand.So this article serves two purposes both for fans and fan buyers. 297 more words