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He’s an idiot, he’s an ass
He’s fat, lazy, total crass
Totally lacking any class
On this fool you should definitely pass

He’ll talk a good game… 213 more words


Said her name was Georgia Rose

This morning I spent time watching Harry Styles on SNL/reading his Rolling Stones article, which led me to feel nostalgic and watch a bunch of One Direction interviews and funny clips, and then I ended just listening to all their albums all afternoon and night. 172 more words


Here Bringin You 7 Ways to Bore the Shit Out of Me..

Wanna bore me away? Try some of these previously proven methods (not that there were cuffs or tape involved).

#7 Tell me about the time you served in Revolutionary War and both World Wars while drunk spitting in my beer. 147 more words

7 Things


Hoppy Easter, everybunny!! Lame? Let’s roll with it anyway. It’s about 10:45am right now and I was trying to wake up early so I could go get Easter eggs and candy from the store. 427 more words


Opening night

Opening Night, Oh what a fright!
Getting ready to go on...rehearsing frantically with Don
My mother and sister are coming tonight!
I'm hoping everything will turn out just right
The whole cast has been working so hard
For our few minutes of fame, sometimes it seems so lame
And I keep doing this year after year
To prove I can face my fear
I act in front of an audience that feels like they will eat me
But they don't, they just applaud politely
Strange thing, this acting world
I stick with it, because it's what drives me
to be who I am ever so rightly

Diana Tenes

Android O

Everyone is expecting Android O to be Oreo.

This is partly due to O not being a popular letter for starting dessert names.

But the other issue is that Oreo will be a very expensive name. 80 more words


love sick // banks

i think i will post the current song i am listening to because idk just because i guess. okay so i’m honestly not sure where to begin because i am truly just letting my mind flow into my fingers right now and i just know that i have been wanting to do this forever. 251 more words