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“Lean on Me” - Acts 3:1-10

The great preacher John Bunyan wrote, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  There are times in our lives, when we will all need someone to lift us up, to lean on, and to need an attentive ear.  385 more words

Linen & Lame Pouch

We had another wedding to attend yesterday – this time for the older brother of the fellow whose wedding we attended last month. I missed the bride’s shower, so I’d been wanting to make something just for her and thought I’d send it along before the wedding. 491 more words


Cleveland Poinçon et Matrice | Canada

Cleveland Poinçon et Matrice fabrique les poinçons & matrices, porte poinçon, porte matrice, écrou porte poinçon, disposition grand diametre, jeu de lame fer plat, jeu de lame cornières, jeu de lame rond & carré, poinçon grugeoir & jeu de lames inférieures, une douille spéciale, douille à ailette, vos moletèe et toutes sortes d’accessoire. 48 more words


The Pun Fun Show vol. 3

Alright, you already know the deal, now it’s time for more punny goodness!

(Lame) questions


1) Did you hear about the guy that held his breath while driving over a scary river? 275 more words

Kashmir Diaries

If you fall in the following category of people: 

– I talk to on a weekly basis; 

-who has ever accompanied me on my walks for more than 5 times;  959 more words


The Pun Fun Show

My brain just likes to make puns, don’t ask me why. The majority of my puns come into being when I hear someone mention a word that has another meaning, sounds like something else, or sounds like several things (assuming it has multiple syllables). 577 more words