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Wrong Answer

All I’m going to say about the very first message is why — why why WHY — do men think that kicking things off with some iteration of “marry me!” or “we’d make pretty babies together” is desirable?   139 more words


Sexy Glamour to look & feel GREAT

You don’t have to be half naked to look sexy. Classy chic sexy is giving a peek without selling the merchandise for cheap :)

http://www.ebay.ca/itm/162351280532… 10 more words

Crippled/Lame Writer (Lampang Manunulat)

Author’s Note: My blog name/pseudonym – lampangmanunulat – is composed of 2 Filipino words: (1) “lampa”*** means crippled/lame, and (2) “manunulat” means writer.

Hiding behind the wires of the world wide web… 131 more words


Older and Cooler

I have a confession to make. I lied. I’m not a person who makes a habit of lying at all because it makes me feel dirty in so many ways. 517 more words


School Bloody Sucks

Today I went back to school after the Christmas holidays and, as expected, it was hell. However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and that…makes me kinda proud of myself. 224 more words

Anxiety - a short story/autobiographical piece


*Disclaimer – this post will be full of my problems. I am NOT using them for attention, just trying to help others with the same issues. 304 more words

welcome to my trash blog

hello dudes and dudettes! Yes I just actually said that, and yes I am also most likely insane. I know it’s very unlikely that anyone will read this utter trash, but if they do I am hoping to help people unfortunate enough to be like me; unpopular, anxious, depressed and obsessed with reading and TV shows. 56 more words