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MTT 111

Pied Piper never killed all the rats nor steal all the children. One rat fat as Julius Caesar escaped and one child who was lame stayed back

Why, Though

It feels like the vestibular nerve damage I had last year is re-exerting itself, or by horrific coincidence happening anew.

Some cosmic force out there must truly loathe me.

Bene vīvite.


Does Style Really Matter?

In today’s  high schools “style” is everything right? Style is what makes you ‘you’ right? Well, what if  I told you that style does not really matter? 217 more words


Love Leaves Gaps.

Blisters are formed where the skin needs to harden.

Some love leaves gaps and the blessed friction deemed necessary

Cannot be.

Some love leaves gaps. 11 more words


Bad romance

I swear I’ll update the story again soon and give you some sweet concept art. But, for now, here’s a poem about … I’ll leave that to you. 18 more words


A comedic take on washing your fencing gear

One of the most popular posts in this blog over the years has been the one that gives you information about how to wash your fencing gear… 583 more words


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80s, vhs, lame, poser, uncool Gif for Fun at your Time