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#SchumerGate ? uhmm, wait. .tf?

#SurfacePic is #ActuallyCirculating

.  .like, as some sort of #insult.  .


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Corgi's vote of confidence

Hold your head up high.
Add a smile, those woes go bye.
Spirit’s never lame.



#YeS .   .#Like4Reals


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A torrent of something new

Came from nowhere

The sky was dull

But the colours were as vibrant as ever

Catching a train

Caught in the rain… 171 more words

An Open Letter to the Trainer that Sold Me a Lame Horse

Dear the Trainer Who Sold Me a Lame Horse,

There are so many things I could say negative about what you and what you did to my horse. 539 more words

The Head Shake/Head Nod

The Tennessee Walking Horse in motion, with its overstriding hind legs, in a perfectly square four beat gait, moves its head and neck, nodding or shaking up and down, to help balance the driving hind end. 232 more words

Tennessee Walking Horse