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So I’ve been reading other people’s blogs more, for a number of reasons, and I’ve been coming across some really sassy women that I like, really relate to. 301 more words


So... That's me

Hey there!

To everyone who somehow(?) found my blog!

(i was made to do this, it is supposed to help me with my anxieties so… Here it goes) 745 more words


blurgh blog

It could very well be that this was a terrible time to start a blog. Especially one about riding.

The farrier was out yesterday. So the horse has a snazzy new set of shoes, but…. 115 more words

HaHaHa: When Showing Off Goes Wrong [Video]

Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution.

This is what you shouldnt do when trying to show off your new car.


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Quick update. The horse is lame. I guessed as much, but luckily, the barn owner was out there to give a qualified opinion. It’s these exchanges that make being a re-rider in a foreign country so much more difficult. 82 more words

One step forward,...

And 3 steps back! Yesterday I was determined to follow my choice and go on this self-empowering journey to get away from all this negativity around me and find my center. 253 more words

Moving On

Sunday Funday.

That’s it. I’ve decided that my Sunday Funday is not really a fun day every Sunday but it just sounds awesome and you know it! 362 more words