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So Close Yet So Far

Heylo world you know what’s harder than using a laptop to type out a few hundred words? Going to bed, yup y’all know how it is I even tried drinking some hot chocolate a few times already. 1,209 more words


Your life is probably better than mine....

Well what can I say about myself? I’m 18. I read a lot of books (I really do mean a lot). I love movies (horror mostly, like 100% of the time). 93 more words


"I like you"

we hurt from love and not like.

for it is in love that our hearts protect and ultimately give.


Free to a good home

Yesterday I saw an advert on a local equine social media group advertising a horse free to a good home because he had a splint and the owner could not afford to treat it and didn’t have time to let the horse rest and see if he recovered naturally.   551 more words

14 April 14

You’ve had all of me,

even when I didn’t have all of you.

I guess now, you can still have all of me

but I will not hurt by not having all of you.


Having fun with Lovely Leo

There’s one thing better than horses and that’s best friends with horses! Luckily I have someone who completely shares my passion. Actually, she is the one responsible for my addiction in the first place. 397 more words

Saving random numbers

I don’t ever pick up private, witheld or unknown numbers. As we all know they’re either sales people or just random individuals who get numbers off god knows where.  41 more words