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What happened yesterday?

I forgot to blog last night. I was at work literally trying to kill time for the last 40 mins of my life here. I should of blogged but nothing interesting was happening or happened. 405 more words

Slurping Towards Malibu

So I bought a bottle of Malibu and a bottle of Diet Coke and I’m gonna get through one before this night is done.

A note. 921 more words



flowers and dotted backs. cartoons of sex for your birthday. blonde, is it lucky x2? intimacy that reminds me of you, or at least how I feel when it’s like that. 302 more words


Food 4 the Soul: Beggar's Blessing

Today’s post was inspired by a meal consisting of braised beef and asian noodles, served with sauteed tomato and celery. This meal surprised me by not only being quick to prepare, but offered a satisfying eating experience, it gave me more than what I expected of it. 284 more words


LAME: Amazon stops offering refunds for after-purchase price drops | PCWorld

Amazon used to give you a refund, upon request, if the retail price dropped shortly after you purchased an item. Those days appear to be over.

I Love Lame Supervillains… Here's Why!

Featured Image: Melissa Stewart, Flickr

Why are there so many crappy villains?

If you go to a comic book shop, find a random comic from the 1970s or 1980s (especially a Marvel book) and read its contents, you will likely respond as I have many times before: who the hell is… 801 more words

Comic Books

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