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Reading: Luke 14:1 and 7-14

Too often we help another person because we foresee repayment. I’ll come help you move because I know we’re moving in a couple months. 366 more words


Doing some late night blogging at 12:21am because the universe just doesn’t want me to sleep early. Not my fault!

So anyway, last night I had a pretty scary nightmare which I couldn’t really remember properly, but it involved various… 520 more words


boring workshops and sleep like a hobo

so this week was like hell

mo-fri i was delivering same workshop – 13.30-15.30 and 15.30-17.30 with the same content, same video, same audio calls, same jokes, same dead face of mine… like hell… 286 more words


2:22 am

Hello pony, it’s late and right now I don’t have much on my mind except for the fact that I should be working on my jewelry instead on typing randomly to no one. 128 more words

Momality= mom reality.

While reading my past couple of posts I realized I am a mom. Yeah, shocker I know. No, what I mean is I remember being younger and thinking my mom was so not cool. 205 more words

Where To Start..

Okay, so senior year is starting and you’re confused about how to start the college admission process. Don’t worry, we all are. I’m not really sure how to calm you down about the process, how to simplify it or make it seem easier for you, but I can share everything I know and learn. 107 more words

Where To Start

Day: 24 – what is your favourite movie, and why?

I’m not too sure I have a favourite movie to be honest. I have a few old classics that I watch from time to time that come from teenage Olivia’s collection, but other than that, no particular favourite amongst the bunch. 115 more words

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