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Retro Review: Dracula 2000 @ Infinispace.net

The text below the break is part of a theatrical review originally published on May 19th, 2001.
Here are some updated thoughts:  (sigh) Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like vampires.   39 more words


That moment.

When you download the grooveshark app on the tablet and there is a notice saying they’re shutting down grooveshark….

Thanks guys. Thanks. Really. -.-


"BOOOO!" Fans give thumbs down to so-called Fight of the Century as huggy Mayweather retains crown

The “fight’s” over. Floyd Mayweather spent 12 rounds running away, fighting dirty, and clinging dirty to Manny Pacquiao. As fans awaited the judges’ ruling, they made their displeasure with Mayweather known as he strutted around the ring. 236 more words


That moment.

When you’ve been waiting for a bus for half an hour knowing there should have been one ages ago..

I hate this.. Seriously. If I didn’t burn my stupid finger I would have been at my sister hours age. -.-


Drunk for fun? Hell no.

Here’s what I’ve realized as soon as I graduated from high school: I am surrounded by people whose idea of fun is getting blackout drunk. For years, I’ve been hanging out with those people. 282 more words

We Missed The Vet

Apparently my horse just reallllllly missed the vet. It’d been almost a year since we’d really had quality time together. Super glad that she fixed that up by still being lame when I checked her Monday. 185 more words


Am I Crafty Yet? How About Now?

This topic came up today at work. When does one consider one’s self ‘crafty’? In my mind, it’s such a fun and accomplished title, that I don’t want to go around telling everyone I’m crafty if I’m not. 385 more words