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[fearless] LIVE! The Last Patient - Losing Patience

SCXCR traveled to San Japan this year and, thanks to some help from AngelHalo and company, was able to do a panel.  This is the first game they played.

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The Rest of Us Just Live Here Review

*A heads up for spoilers here, I was unable to give my opinion fully without them.*

I have been waiting for an opportunity to read this book for a while, ever since I first saw it. 987 more words

Book Review

My Orange North Face Jacket

I was in elementary school the first time I decided to try to be cool.

Key word here: Try.

I became all to interested in what the coolest girls in school were doing, saying, wearing. 544 more words

Lamé Zing

Meanwhile at the Torphichen Inn……FT :P

Crappypasta: Hide and Go Sp00k at San Japan 2017

I went to San Japan in San Antonio, Texas and spooked an audience of attendees.  By “spooked” I mean everyone reflexively laughed in sheer terror.


Exercise Ain't Cool

Everyone knows they should exercise, but let’s be honest: exercising just doesn’t look cool.

It just don’t, maaaaan.

The key difference here is a newbie will get intimidated and never do the moves that really work the bod. 393 more words


Lost in the Deep Woods of Religiosity

Amid a thick wood stood a big tent. Inside was a stage with many chairs, upon which sat a number of prim and proper looking people. 709 more words