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July's Psalm of the Month: 54

The seventh installment in URC Psalmody’s Introduction to the URC/OPC Psalm Proposal

See how God has been my helper,
How my Lord sustains my soul:

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What I'm Reading

Who is the Author?

C. J. Samson is the author of a gripping series of historical fiction set in Tudor England. He studied history at Birmingham University (BA and PhD), as well as training and working as a solicitor. 283 more words


Daring to Cross Stormy Seas


Today’s gospel reading is something of a haunting passage to be reading in a week that is darkened by the senseless violence of a single man that held such hatred for African-Americans that he felt it necessary to go into a church, sit for an hour with a group of faithful disciples, and then to kill them with the precision of a firearm. 1,239 more words


Deep Waters — Planted by Water: the Psalms (Part 3)

Wolfram Burner
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What can we do when our circumstances are so overwhelming that we are unable to praise God? When things get hard, is there a way to complain about them like a believer? 290 more words




At hereafter, awaits us a great day!
The doomed day when goats will weep
At hereafter, awaits us a great day!
The blissful day for the sheep… 127 more words


Martha Graham - The 'Picasso of Dance'

Martha Graham (1894 – 1991) was an American modern dancer and choreographer whose influence on dance has been compared with the influence Picasso had on the modern visual arts, Stravinsky had on music, or Frank Lloyd Wright had on architecture. 214 more words


A Lamentation of Peace

Peace is a strange thing.
I have dedicated my life to it.
My life has been changed by it,
but somehow within I am still in conflict. 96 more words