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Lamentation: Joe Clifford

Icy waters, deep trouble

There is a slow-water movement to Joe Clifford’s writing. A contemplative, friction that is hard to define but is there on every page. 192 more words

Murder In Common

Azadari - Beyond Rituals and Culture

Every year at the beginning of the Islamic year, some sort of debate fuels up on social media about the traditions, practices, history and largely anything to do with Muharram ul Haram. 549 more words


Hoped to Fly


The fox,
red as autumn,
the one that burrows

the grim stump

the tool shed
where the ivy
grows thick,

dark green, 69 more words


30th Sunday Year B. A Gospel Reflection from Fr.Brian Gleeson CP, Melbourne, Victoria


Every now and then we come across people knocked for six by things that happen to them. We’ve seen e.g. people on television in deep grief because a loved one has been murdered, or been killed in a car accident, or their house with all their belongings has just burnt to the ground. 852 more words

In full swing !

I remember days from my childhood when things used to get lively, exciting and exuberant around this time. City centers used to be swarmed with traffic and bustle and engulfed with hubbub of shouting of vendors and customers. 168 more words


Psalm 22 and 90, 11 Oct 15

Psalm 22 is usually associated — largely due to the quote, ‘My God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ — with the shadows of Good Friday and such times of lamentation about our estate. 378 more words


It ain't easy being a man whose passions are multiple

or: it was a big mistake to take up drawing
or: sometimes progress just creates new complications

So this last summer I dabbled with learning to draw. 436 more words