Tags » Lamentation

Limited options when dining in an environment that I cannot control. Reading labels on new foods and then googling ingredients I’ve never heard of. Hoping that the dietary aid designed to ease the pain caused by digesting lactose works to the extent that I need it to. 492 more words




A phellĂȘaist fy eniad oddi wrth heddwch.

A bright white fog is on the morning air.
I will find me a chapel where prayers still hang… 311 more words

They buried you in the cold ground and then they placed a large monument, in your name, on top of the dirt above your head; nobody came to see it because everyone in your family was already dead. 198 more words


Healing Come

Oh Lord

May healing come

Bind my wounds

Wash my rags

Make me new

Oh my God

I don’t think

My stumbling feet

Will keep going… 77 more words


more moaning about my predicament

the poet’s pursuit is an ethics foe
and the he or the she who dares compose
a lyric in praise of sweet solitude
can count on forfeiting support… 49 more words


Penny for your Lies.

Flutters, skips a beat.
It has known little else
but to quicken.
A terrible symphony 
the critic, the other face.
Words, unjust.
This sorrow so deep
cuts like war wounds. 31 more words
Bleeding Black

distant, so distant

a cup of the brownest sugar
hasn’t strength to sweeten this
broth, boiling, bitter.
Mojo mirth in freedom found
is imprisoned in a myth.