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It’s been a difficult week. Up until now, the hardest week in my life was the one in which my first child was born, when I was 21. 1,108 more words


The Sunday Dungeon: Lamentation - "Grabens Symphonie" Tape Box Set Review (dungeon synth)

We haven’t done the Sunday Dungeon in a while and given today’s offering, we feel it’s an excellent excuse to do one today.

This release, quite honestly might very well be the best dungeon synth release I’ve ever heard.  429 more words

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Praying through God's Word: Lamentations

Lamentations 1:1-22
Jerusalem had fallen into hard times – ‘she who once was great among the nations… has now become a slave’ (Lamentations 1:1). Lord, we wonder why this happened. 1,104 more words



My family’s never been into touch, though my dad does enjoy a hearty backslap. He starts with a booming greeting or farewell, which, coming from a former drill-sergeant, can be a bit startling. 907 more words


Lamentation #55 and #56: The Missing Lamentation

I hope one day,

We find each other again

And laugh over

Whatever pain

We might have caused.


“Always chase the people

Who make you feel free. 223 more words

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Remaining Forever

remain forever

My throne
shall never cease

and I
will not forget you

but renew you

You establish Yourself forever in my life. 32 more words


On Self - Lamentation

A child who wanders night after night, got out of his comfortable bed only to be dumbfounded of what lies in his head;

He sees, a place where he usually sleeps had only two windows: one overlooking the water and one looking west–trailing back to a backyard.

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