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Psalms 87, 88

Here are a couple of very contrasting songs: one looking out happily to ‘Zion’; the other lamenting, no silver lining. Both are ‘skips’ in the Lectionary but should not be ignored — and indeed are not by those traditions that regularly sing all of the psalms within a short period of a month or so. 461 more words


Psalms 74, 75

Book 3, as mentioned previously, is the home of the songs of the musician Asaph. His first five are not included in the lectionary, the next five are. 398 more words


Psalm 73, Asaph

Book 3 of the psalter (73 to 89) opens with eleven psalms of Asaph, a temple musician referred to in Chronicles. The first five do not appear in the lectionary. 544 more words


I've learned to live with your thoughts.

I’ve learned to live with your thoughts and without your presence,
as my heart refuses to forget you.
Your indifference left its painful scars,
as my broken soul refuses to leave this wild forest of your memories, 117 more words


A Sad Song...

Read Ezekiel 19

Focus on verse 14b

I am not certain anymore exactly how the tradition began, but a few years ago – probably about the time I turned fifty – our family decided that for those over fifty (in this case yours truly) the birthday song should take a more somber note. 395 more words

Daily Devotional


how often come the slowed beatings
of time

unleashed by knowing
these devilish ifs
whens and buts

of roads half-built
and half-burnt

yet water still flows beneath… 83 more words

Secret Santa 2015 - Part Two

After Part One, this post finishes our round up of the books that we gave each other to hide under the Christmas Tree…

Michele received… 724 more words