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Follow Your Passion

They say I should follow my passion.

I love stealing food and putting up fights. Trouble is every time I follow those passions, I end up in trouble. 41 more words



Her hair was soft, she was soft. Hands that spoke all of nature’s wonders softly to my skin.
When I think of her my mind shuts down, it’s too much to bear, knowing that she will never love me like I do, her. 84 more words


Lamentation - Editing and Colour Grade

I’ve been editing Brad and Andre’s film ‘Lamentation’ which has been going well for the most part. There have been a fair few continuity issues, most of which have been sorted through moving between different takes and in some cases careful use of transitions. 127 more words


The death of Mattathias (1 Macc 2:69-2:70)

“Then he blessed them. He was then gathered to his ancestors. He died in the one hundred and forty-sixth year. He was buried in the tomb of his ancestors at Modein. 90 more words

C.J. Sansom's Alternate History and Mystery Novels

(Lamentation,  by C.J. Sansom. Mulholland Books, 2014, 643 pp., $27.99)

reviewed by Zeke Teflon

Every now and then I read science fiction novels by authors who also write other types of genre fiction or who write literary fiction, and then search out the authors’ non-sci-fi books. 444 more words

Science Fiction

Agile Competency Is A Crock

Agile Competency Is A Crock

Part 1 – The Lede

The Agile Manifesto set out to make developers’ (and others’) live richer, saner and more fulfilling. 656 more words