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  • a long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a list of woes.

Behind the scenes of Della Robbia's Lamentation

This sacred group shows Mary Magdalen, Mary the mother of Jesus and St John the Evangelist mourning over the dead Christ.  In the early 16th century wall supported sculptural groupings were common in private chapels and churches around Tuscany, often paid for by wealthy patrons such as the Medici Family in Florence. 684 more words

Where is God when tragedy strikes?

Today’s blog comes from Micha Jazz at Premier Christian Media. You can sign up to receive your own cpy of his daily reflections, here: 374 more words

When words hunt you

It is funny how they come. We string together abstract symbols and call them “sentences”. Pencil marks form communication yet are lifeless. We know it and yet…. 416 more words

Daily Life

Old age

You come home one day and look at the mirror, in horror, to find that everything that you held dear about yourself is gone. The once smooth face wrinkling, the once strong bones writing, once rapidly pounding heart barely pulsing, once thick black hair falling, once sharp, organized brain slipping and disoriented. 374 more words

Blessings for Social Justice Advocates

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.

May God bless you with the courage to speak truth in love, to pray for the provoker of injustice and to walk with wisdom and grace as you advocate for the oppressed. 435 more words

Lamentation Of A Husband

“If my wife knows that she is a direct beneficiary of my good vision, why does she fail to support it?”

These were the words of a husband whose wife “disappointed” him. 777 more words

For All