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Are you a real true fighter?

You want to be a fighter, but you’re unable to face life trials,
You want to be a fighter, but you get spoiled by praises, 299 more words


Staying Alive

The people at the Crafton Heights church have been spending this Lent listening to the words of scripture – in particular, the scriptures set to music in the context of Handel’s Messiah.   2,063 more words


When the Fire Burns Out


A few quotes from the sermon:

Great masses of people these days live out their lives in a dull and loveless stupor. Sensitive persons find our inartistic manner of existence oppressive and painful, and they withdraw from sight… I believe what we lack is joy. 687 more words

Lamentation Of Love

Someone is somewhere out there

Someone that I used to know

Someone that I used to love

Someone that has left me.

I stand up for myself… 115 more words

Shedding Bloody Tears

A beautiful adaptation of Simon Belmont’s theme from the Castlevania mythos.

I have become the ridicule of all my people—
Their taunting song all the day. 229 more words

Our Common World & Life

"Restored Hearts" (Sermon preached on Sunday, March 12, 2017, at First Church Coral Springs, as the second sermon in a series called "Restoration")

  In the NIV Bible, the word “heart” appears over 700 times.  In the old King James version, “heart” appears over 800 times.  And, according the Bible “hearts” perform an amazing array of functions, including… 1,728 more words



Lamentation. A poem after reading Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) “First they came …”

G. James, Lamentation, 2017, Mixed Media



Hungry, Thirsty,

Naked, Hungry, Thirsty, 137 more words