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The Fuel crisis and the Economic hardships: A quest for good governance by Salam Amdi

I have tried not to comment on the current #FuelScarcity but spending 8 hours in a day to get fuel at filling stations who would rather sell to Black Marketers than on the spot private, public or business users, to on a daily basis experience of an exhausting traffic or to witness the trekking exercise forced on Lagosians due to bus scarcity or the exorbitant bus fares imposed on citizens by transit systems when available which has in turn led to the upward spiralling of commodities, pulled me out to comment. 565 more words


The Truth About Tough Times

“What doesn’t kill you

makes you stronger”

Or insane!


In this shouting world


There is no wisdom here
Or if there is
It is likely lost leaves caught spinning
In a roar of water tumult… 126 more words

52 Weeks: 52 Books - April

It’s election day, so after three days of politically oriented blogging (one, two, three), I shall stop wittering on about political nerdery issues and refocus on the important stuff in life: Books. 536 more words

Reading & Other Reviews

Why I Don't Buy Lottery Tickets

My friends keep saying I should buy a lottery ticket every week if I’m really tight on money.  Trouble is the expectation of not winning doesn’t really make me feel better you know. 12 more words


Five Questions for Joe Clifford

1) Who or what inspires you?

Being a good dad/husband, and writing a bestseller.

2) Who living or dead, real or fictional, would you like to meet and pick their brains for ideas? 484 more words

What’s moving?
Nothing is moving but the people moving
and time moving fast to the inevitable end

Sitidziwa Ndoya
30 April 2015.