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Spending Time in Conditions of the Heart

Good morning everyone! We are on to verse 7 in Ecclesiastes 3 this morning. If you are following along on your study map (found on my blog post A Time for Everything Under Heaven) you can see we are halfway through this awesome journey in Ecclesiastes 3. 642 more words

The Lost Words Of Silence

No one can successfully argue that prayer doesn’t work, because the one who

would venture on that hopeless quest is obviously ignorant of the word prayer. 534 more words


Panic Attacks--Yes Even Christians Get Them

In my last two blog posts, I’ve spoken about getting out of the “faking fine” game at church. The book I reviewed in my last post, “No More Faking Fine”, was a great resource, and one, I suspect I will be tapping into for a long time. 795 more words


House of Bread: From Lamenting to Bitterness

What do you say to someone who verbally expresses their love and commitment to you at a time when you desperately need such confirmation? I’ll never forget my pastor walking into the ICU after the… 947 more words


Am I crazy??

Lately I’ve been wondering if I have a problem with dealing with people.  Seriously.  Little Miss Sunshine over here has been wigging out on folks lately. 697 more words


Grave Mistakes

Got holes in my kitchen floor that my money slips right through
Falls into hands of my landlord who just bought a fine new Subaru… 424 more words


Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday used to be my favorite day of the week, until it became popular for everyone to get so excited about “Hump day!”  (Cue the obnoxious GEICO camel).  84 more words