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Today I moved on, burden from ages was eased
Years of stagnation, lifeless change, trapped sentient were enlightened and liberated,
Cleansed with every word, rinsed with every drop. 80 more words


One Hot Spanish Summer Night.. Changed Their Lives

A chance meeting of 2 people on a hot Spanish summer night

Each different, each unique

She with long black raven hair with skin so smooth and the colour of a cappuccino… 392 more words

Background v Foreground

Do you forgive me for having to always keep you in the background?

There was a time where YOU were in the Foreground – my addiction… 110 more words


Liberation: That’s the feeling I have when I am with you

Liberation: To be whom I am, without any responsibilities

Liberation: To feel completely at ease in your comfort… 26 more words

Everyone's rebound

How is to be everyone’s rebound. “Yes”, rebound-in which people seek closure in other human with an aching heart lamenting over the struggle of forgive and except the reality of it;s dream which has been tattered by its own beloved. 238 more words


In Nothing But My Yoga Pants

I wrote the following short paragraph last year.

She was from Alabama and had shining auburn hair, a square pert face, and the kind of white smile that said “blow job first, my sweet, then I will go and make us the most hearty breakfast in nothing but my yoga pants.” … 810 more words


I heard at dawn a bird over my head

Saying that we need to express

Our regrets and sorrows

That memory means to lament

And that living means to mourn… 62 more words

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