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  • 8.00am wake up
  • 8.02am shower, brush teeth
  • 8.15am get dressed, do make up
  • 8.30am go to work
  • 8.50am make a coffee and some oats for breakfast…
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Freeing Free Speach

Freedom of speach is seen as one of the basic human rights. Most countries secure it in forms of law. And people interpret it as a right to speak about whatever and wherever you want. 349 more words

A Prowl In Philosophy

A Twit for a Twat

It may very well be, that it is because I’m getting old, but I miss the days when if something bad happened to you, you only cursed out loud, when public outrage meant vehement speaches at the local pub, when public shaming meant disapproving looks for a couple of days in your local community. 262 more words

Blunt; Uncheked And Unbalanced

Why I Stopped Using MyAnimeList

Short eulogy for Starchaser187: He might be remembered by a few people. He was always brimming with confidence, loved eating at Waffle House and Senjougahara was his waifu for some reason. 861 more words


Lamenting Amidst Gratitude

Okay, so I was supposed to write about a person who inspired me, and that was totally what I planned to do. I was going to write about Leslie Knope. 551 more words

Gratitude Challenge

Echoes, Fuchsia Painted

She wore fuchsia, once upon a time;

a color for him alone, now cast away by her design.

But she’s still crazy for a life… 19 more words


Goal Post: Phoning It In on the 31st!

Well . . . this is the finale to 2016.  I’m not really sure people will be paying attention today, so I don’t know what to say.   380 more words