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Sad for no good reason, I listen to music that fuels my mood

Because I feel like feeling lonely

And reflecting upon everything and nothing at all. 151 more words


Rip It Off

Thick crust long and deep

Color of crisped  bread crumb coating

You began as a crimson bead

A perfect little blob of blood

Love’s deed… 82 more words


Life is the ultimate experience

Everyone will encounter problems at some point in their lives, period. But it shouldn’t hold us back and make us question our existence or the point of living. 57 more words

His Oath Fulfilled

He is a liar. “Now that I know you,” the Scorpion had sworn, “I can never unknow you. Should you ever leave me lonely, I promise I will not live.” 144 more words

Yesterday I Was Young

Yesterday I was young,

Eyes bright that never grew tired–

Bold eyes comprised of winter water

From the great grey North Sea.

Cal-i-for-ni-ahh beach

Skin, sun kissed– 64 more words


In the Black

He visits the beachfront every night

And shouts her name at the ireful sea. He stands at the rock-strewn coastline,

His tall frame stooped and shaking… 162 more words


When Life Is Heavy 

Lamentations 3

7-9 He shuts me in so I’ll never get out,

manacles my hands, shackles my feet.

Even when I cry out and plead for help, 472 more words