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Eight Months

God has currently been working me through a period of lamenting and learning about the importance of lament. This is a repost of something I originally wrote on Grace & Feminism when I was a contributor there. 2,316 more words


Subjective Editing

Doing my Bachelor in Writing I learnt that editing is very subjective. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on how a story should be told, or have their comfort zones. 1,598 more words


Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel

Are you tired? I’m tired. Today at work, we had the news playing on mute in the background, so I was treated to eight hours of people- mostly men- debating a woman’s sexual assault. 557 more words

Free Blog

No More Faking Fine

In Feb of this year (2018), I was asked to present on a topic for the spiritual track of ICCM (International Conference on Computing and Mission). 823 more words



I am lamenting and wondering did I tell my children everything they need to know? Am I teaching my grandchildren what is important in life? Heavy thoughts.

Diminishing Moments and Hope

Breathing struggles to rhythm with the excesses of a hasty world

Floating dreams have to descend to the summons of impatient voices

Morning’s youth spent in the unnecessary errands… 117 more words


Sometimes We Lament

It’s taken me more than a week to pray on and write this blog post…and it still may not hit all the right notes. Though I hope you can relate to the message’s tone and tenor. 1,059 more words

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