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” … I believe, the first work that God puts forth upon the soul in order to its conversion, is, to raise up a spiritual light within it, to clear up its apprehensions about spiritual matters, so as to enable the soul to look upon God as the chiefest good, and the enjoyment of him as the greatest bliss: whereby the soul may clearly discern between good and evil, and evidently perceive, that nothing is good, but so far as it is like to God; and nothing evil, but so far as it resembles sin.

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Alice’s Hole

Poetry by Lola Gentry-Dey. All rights reserved.

Inhabited between
wild things,
wonderful things,
Who Am I?
No longer a main priority,
no longer stapled to a better forever…

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Lola's Writing

Lamenting Lost Stuff

I don’t know what it is about certain items.  I just can’t seem to keep track of them.  For example, if I buy an umbrella I probably will only get to use it once.   120 more words

Lamenting Opportunity

How do you know if an opportunity is for you? Do you have peace about it or do you lay awake at night wondering if this is for you? 169 more words


So I just gave Ai the address to this blog and I think she feels bad.

I did not want her to think that I feel the same way about her and her guy.  101 more words

Expressing Thoughts


I think the only thing that has gotten smarter is our phones.


Praise, Prayer and Perseverance

Psalms 31-35; there seems to be an underlining theme for many of the Psalms that  David writes. They are interlaced with times of crying out to God for vindication from his enemies and praise to the Father for His deliverance from his enemies. 554 more words

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