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Grace Update!

We are starting to see a light again. It is a very very tiny light, but it is a light, and that’s definitely something positive. … 320 more words


Talk About Laminitis

Does your horse suffer with laminitis? If so it may be one of the many horses diagnosed with Cushings Disease every year. A simple blood test can diagnose this condition and it can be successfully treated with regular medication. 28 more words


Outdoor Riding All Year

In Michigan, an indoor is rather mandatory if you want to ride consistently all year round. Without it, you’re at the whim of nature, and let me tell ya, nature isn’t too kind around here in the winter. 634 more words


JOY Full Horses

In 2014 I surprised myself by writing a book.  This is by no means the first book I have written, so perhaps some of you will be surprised that I was surprised, but I had just finished the monster-sized project of writing and launching my new on-line course.  6,658 more words

Clicker Training

The Game

Ava must be feeling better.

As I walked out to fetch her from the field, Ava systematically led me to the furthest end of the pasture. 414 more words


Ava's Laminitis Update

It’s been approximately two and a half weeks since Ava started showing signs of laminitis.

I’ve been tearing my hair out over this.

On Nov 30th, Ava weighed 1,115lbs. 205 more words


Ava update

Ava has made it clear that the pitiful handful of grain she’s getting is not satisfactory. The other morning I was changing her hay bag out for a full one when Ava lunged and snapped the air above my head. 264 more words