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Potomac Horse Fever: Not Just on the East Coast

An email came in a couple of days ago from a woman who wanted to talk with me about a blog post. A couple of years ago, Bridger Vet published a list of… 929 more words


"Laminitis is an emergency, just like Colic."

This weekend work held a laminitis clinic and it was really interesting. There were several lectures by vets who have been researching laminitis and cushing’s disease for years, followed by demonstrations from farriers of different products and methods for a lamanitic horse. 378 more words



This weekend I took some time out of my box-packing schedule to house-sit for my Aunt and Uncle.  They’ve both been dreadfully unwell the last couple of years and my poor cousin has been run ragged looking after them and making sure they’re ok.   944 more words

Nothing New

I forgot to post this. This is from July 25th. I’ll update on a new post.

I had the Vet back the 19th (July). Nothing new to report. 234 more words


What a lot of bad luck

It seems poor Cyryl has been plagued with bad luck at the moment. It’s been on thing followed by another… 879 more words

Facts Friday: horses are grazers

I think I can state that all equestrians and non-equestrians know that horses eat grass. They are ‘grazers’. Perfect. Why do people tend to forget this as soon as they keep a horse in captivity? 378 more words

Clicker Training

Grumpy Norman

I don`t know what`s gotten into Norman the last couple of weeks. He`s been really moody and grumpy. In lessons he has his ears back and last week he even bucked in canter! 280 more words