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My whole world is about treating Bonnie right now. I have studied laminitis and founder many times over the years and dealt with a few ponies that had foundered and needed rehabilitation. 393 more words

Formula 4 Feet: An Insider's View on Laminitis

Known in the equine world as the most pervasive crippling disease, laminitis continues to inflict horses of all breed, age and gender. It’s a struggle to cure and a huge responsibility to avoid. 375 more words


Bonnie's New Boots

For the last three days Bonnie has laid either in her shed or just in front of it in the nice deep sawdust bed I made her outside of the shed. 626 more words

Roadshow 2016

This times last year we were out and about with Spillers Weigh clinics, helping people get ready for Spring feeding.  What a great two days we had learning how to body condition score, taking the fear out of sugar in feed and lots of cuddles (and treats!) 40 more words


First Shoes

Baby gots new shoes! Sadly, it’s not all fun that led to this milestone for Cayenne. She has shown virtually no improvement in the last week with her painful inflammation of the tissue that connects the hoof wall to bones in her hoof. 356 more words


Fading Fast

It’s March alright. Snow melts in the rising spring sun as fast as it falls from the late-winter clouds. It kind of resembles my motivation some days. 479 more words


Tender Footed

Last week, Cyndie mentioned to me that Cayenne looked a little uncomfortable on her feet. The next morning I confirmed back to Cyndie that Cayenne definitely was hurting. 540 more words