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Blanket Statements

It is a generally accepted rule that horses that are in good health and are neither very young nor very old, do not need a winter blanket. 516 more words

(2015) Golden Days & New Adventures

Humble Nettle

Though generally considered a weed, Nettle (Urtica dioica) cannot be overlooked as one of the most wonderful and effective herbs for equine health. The benefits of nettle are varied and diverse, making it a sound herbal choice for almost any horse.

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Equine Nutrition

Horses - Other reasons for Laminitis and Abscesses

Horses are said to be keepers of the earth – they awaken the earth from it’s sleep with their hoof beats.

I have also heard that horses help heal the land, that their hoof beat is like a vibrational frequency that helps the earth to release past traumas that have been locked up in the earth. 430 more words


Life after Laminitis...

by Linda Chamberlain

I’m telling you this with a great sense of shame. A few weeks ago my horse became lame on all four feet – she was struck down with laminitis, a condition that can kill.  1,853 more words

CARE about Laminitis: Do your bit.

CARE about laminitis is an organisation using real owners and real horses to investigate causes and factors which lead to a horse developing laminitis. Their website is full of useful information on laminitis and other health issues facing horses in the UK. 233 more words


Easyboot RX for Laminitis

The Easyboot RX is the ideal therapy boot for horses that need relief from chronic laminitis, or other lower limb or hoof disorders.

Laminitis is a multi-factorial condition which sadly affects many horses and ponies in the UK, particularly during the spring and summer months, when the grass is of optimum quality. 198 more words

Understanding Grass

I was asked an interesting question by a new horse owner last week.

“How much grass is enough grass?”

The million dollar question.

To me, and to many other horsey peoople, the answer comes from observation, and instinct. 710 more words