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First Shoes

Baby gots new shoes! Sadly, it’s not all fun that led to this milestone for Cayenne. She has shown virtually no improvement in the last week with her painful inflammation of the tissue¬†that connects the hoof wall to bones in her hoof. 356 more words


Fading Fast

It’s March alright. Snow melts in the rising spring sun as fast as it falls from the late-winter clouds. It kind of resembles my motivation some days. 479 more words


Tender Footed

Last week, Cyndie mentioned to me that Cayenne looked a little uncomfortable on her feet. The next morning I confirmed back to Cyndie that Cayenne definitely was hurting. 540 more words


Providing Proper Nutrition to Horses

Horse owners have to be careful to provide proper nutrition to their pets. Traditionally, horses got enough nutrition through grazing on grasses and hay. In most cases, that is no longer true. 366 more words


STOMPING Out Laminitis/Founder!

Fast and simple results. Here is a client that was foundering for 14 months straight. The bottom of his coffin bone was palpable. Al was 24 years old when I met him in 2009 after a desperate call from his owner. 93 more words

Horse Nutrition

Can Laminitis Treatment Options Effectively Do the job on Wildlife?

Laminitis is the actual swelling involving soft muscle in typically the hoof leading to harm to or the dying of typically the laminar tissue, ending the reduction of typically the horse’s physical integrity. 260 more words


Might Laminitis Treatment Options Properly Give Good Results on Creatures?

Laminitis is the actual inflammation regarding soft tissues in typically the hoof leading to harm to or perhaps the dying of typically the laminar tissues, resulting the damage of the actual horse’s mechanised condition. 255 more words