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Uggg... Bonnie Update

Oh you guys. Bonnie was doing so GREAT! She was able to join us for short walks on the road and was so energetic, leaping and bucking and trotting around. 219 more words

Just a little bit can't hurt right? 


So today was the day to try out the new mouthguard on Grumpy, so that he can go on the land with the other horses. 329 more words



Two days ago I trimmed up Bonnie’s laminar wedge and took some heel off. Of course after doing something so drastic I started to wonder if I had done the right thing. 556 more words


Just for fun… Google Laminitis. Just do it. It’s amazing how many different sources come up with information about Laminitis. It’s overwhelming.

In one article I read how bedding a stall with deep bedding will help my pony and then read another article that says she should stand on hard ground and deep bedding will make her worse. 1,150 more words


My whole world is about treating Bonnie right now. I have studied laminitis and founder many times over the years and dealt with a few ponies that had foundered and needed rehabilitation. 393 more words

Boot Comparison

I made a long-ish video that shows all the miniature horse boots I currently have and  I show Bonnie walking in the Easy Boot Mini and the Soft-Ride Boots for a nice comparison. 20 more words

Formula 4 Feet: An Insider's View on Laminitis

Known in the equine world as the most pervasive crippling disease, laminitis continues to inflict horses of all breed, age and gender. It’s a struggle to cure and a huge responsibility to avoid. 375 more words

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