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What a lot of bad luck

It seems poor Cyryl has been plagued with bad luck at the moment. It’s been on thing followed by another… 879 more words

Facts Friday: horses are grazers

I think I can state that all equestrians and non-equestrians know that horses eat grass. They are ‘grazers’. Perfect. Why do people tend to forget this as soon as they keep a horse in captivity? 378 more words

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Grumpy Norman

I don`t know what`s gotten into Norman the last couple of weeks. He`s been really moody and grumpy. In lessons he has his ears back and last week he even bucked in canter! 280 more words

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Fighting Laminitis, A Decade After Barbaro

Ten years ago this week, the racing world watched in horror as shortly after the start of the Preakness Stakes, jockey Edgar Prado pulled Barbaro up with a catastrophic injury to his right hind leg. 185 more words

The Preakness

Weight watchers - a tale of 4 native ponies

Having 4 natives for many years, you learn a few things about how to manage good doers. Over the years we’ve had Penny, cushings and laminitis; Saffron who I believe has some metabolic issues but thankfully has never had laminitis; and Rosie, who is a Shetland, need I say more? 650 more words


Poor Norman!

*Sniff* I`m so worried. *Sniff* Poor Norman. I hope he doesn`t think I`ve abandoned him. In tonight`s lesson I rode Partner because Norman is on box rest for laminitis. 530 more words

Horse Riding

Top 5 Horse Health Hacks for Winter


Unless you’re a hardcore rider that saddles up even it’s raining sideways, you will take a look out of the window at the torrents of wind, rain, and snow and think about giving your horse a brush rather than a hack out into the unknown – it’s nothing to be ashamed about; we all do it. 810 more words

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