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The Guided Tour

by Linda Chamberlain

It’s lovely to have a newcomer at our home in the woods for barefoot horses, to see the place through a fresh pair of eyes. 1,277 more words

Spanish at the dairy

The cows they are many, the workers are few

Spanish is spoken by all of the crew

I just love a caper

With records on paper… 695 more words

Adventures In Iowa

Essential Oils for Laminitis

Most of the time when you are dealing with laminitis you need to focus on pain management– AFTER you’ve changed your horse’s diet and adjusted their living situation to accommodate for the laminitis. 426 more words

Hi Ho Silver! Away!

I know it’s been a while since I shared a horsey post. We’ve been busy and had some ups and down’s. It’s come down to a stay-cation this year while we finish working with Sonny Boy so his feet can heal. 475 more words


I've Been Such a Hypocrite!

This morning as Cheryl was mucking out the stalls, Bae escaped and was gorging on the lush green grass in the yard.  Cheryl was attempting to get her back in the corral but Bae was not having it.   446 more words

Emotional Health

You Can Thank Me Later...

For most horse owners, equine nutrition (i.e. deciding what to feed) is one of the most challenging and stressful considerations you will face. What you feed your horse is also one of the most… 1,600 more words


Equine laminitis is a painful crippling and debilitating disease. Imagine having a way to seriously decrease the acute phases of this chronic problem. Dr. Deb has several keys to eliminating and minimizing equine laminitis. 231 more words

Barrel Racing