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CARE about Laminitis: Do your bit.

CARE about laminitis is an organisation using real owners and real horses to investigate causes and factors which lead to a horse developing laminitis. Their website is full of useful information on laminitis and other health issues facing horses in the UK. 233 more words


Easyboot RX for Laminitis

The Easyboot RX is the ideal therapy boot for horses that need relief from chronic laminitis, or other lower limb or hoof disorders.

Laminitis is a multi-factorial condition which sadly affects many horses and ponies in the UK, particularly during the spring and summer months, when the grass is of optimum quality. 198 more words

Happy hooves

In the summertime, we all breathe a sigh of relief as things seem to be comparably easier than winter horse care, however this is when the hard ground and dry conditions can really push your horses hooves to the limit. 474 more words

Understanding Grass

I was asked an interesting question by a new horse owner last week.

“How much grass is enough grass?”

The million dollar question.

To me, and to many other horsey peoople, the answer comes from observation, and instinct. 710 more words


The Grass is Always Greener...

Hot on the heels of Wylie’s post about the importance of turnout, I figured this was a good time to talk a little bit about transitioning your horse to pasture. 909 more words


Tratamiento de un equino con Laminitis de los cuatro miembros curado con Homeopatía

Tomado de: http://www.engormix.com/

Publicado el: 02/01/2013

Autor/es: Dra. Liliana Maria Ospina L. Médica Veterinaria Homeópata UDCA-FICH. México

Paciente: Tulcán Edad: 40 Meses Equino Macho Entero Paso: Trotón galopero Destino: Exposición y monta Registro de Asocatol. 364 more words



Laminitis. It`s that time of year that all pony and cob owners dread, when the sweet grass grows quickly, ponies get fat overnight and are at risk of laminitis. 826 more words