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It's My Birthday!

It’s my birthday. Well, probably not my for real birthday, but the anniversary of when I came here, exactly ten years ago. I was a poor thing then, as you know, and you can see my transformation if you look back at my blog: … 234 more words

Life And Times

Amaryllis and Her New Shoes

Amaryllis has laminitis and I’ve been struggling with her condition off and on for several years. I should have known better than to get a donkey as a guardian animal for sheep that graze irrigated pasture but I did not realize the risk. 439 more words

Pain Transfered

Don’t let this image fool you. Delilah is almost completely back to her old self.

Tuesday, when I got home from work, Delilah was so full of energy that she wouldn’t leave Cyndie alone. 362 more words


Brass Tacks #1 - Laminitis

Many horse owners will assume the spring and summer grass will exacerbate laminitis so restrict grazing over the warmer months. However grass will accumulate sugar during the winter which is influenced by the cooler temperatures, over-cast days and longer nights. 214 more words


Living with a progressive illness

Logan is diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s Disease:

By the time Logan was introduced to the herd he was looking healthier than when we first bought him, but suddenly his new found vitality and physical appearance changed for the worse. 595 more words

Horse Love

It’s time our horses get a little love from the Relative Something blog, don’t you think? They’ve been a little short-changed here because energy for them has been directed toward the Facebook page of late. 333 more words


Laminitis, Keeping Our Composure

I often hear owners use the terms laminitis and founder interchangeably. But though the two ailments are certainly related, they are entirely separate in action and severity. 1,297 more words