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In Bloom

I worry that the seasons won’t wait
for this softly thorned rose to bloom.

How the pail waits by the hands,
to water the plump buds after the rains. 79 more words


La poésie: creativité

La neige tombe sur mon visage comme je lève mes yeux

Tu es parti maintenant

J’ai ne parlé rien mes adieux

Tu es un lieutenant… 51 more words

School Work


Desert memories drain
like the years that passed.
Each day sustained by
rhythm in hopeful promise.

Until the fifteenth day when
Dressed in a gentle blue white, 10 more words



Light found the soft waves
breaking unheard on the shore,
Painted by the sun that rose
and fell behind the gentle line,
Down upon the moist sands, 69 more words


Ode to a Summer Sky

These honest eyes do look
upon the moon’s soft curves,
Smiling beauty through the
rough glow of this peasant sun,

And in them find a fruitful joy… 35 more words


Jazz It Up a Little

Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.  Art Blakey

There is a lot of truth in the above quote. A jazz evening spent at the North of England’s premier jazz club, Matt & Phred’s, catapulted me into a state of nirvana. 995 more words

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