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Virtuous Breath

Behind the veil of starry eyes
hid a wealth of night’s fame.

Infinite dark, shivering lights,
All things dream with you!

Words fell from the black as… 110 more words


1 bird travelled the world (poem)

Here is something slightly different. I am in fact publishing a poem written by an 10/11 year old Andrew Lavis. It’s entitled ‘1 bird travelled the world’ 68 more words

Andrew Lavis

A Pilgrim in Rome

Sky burns, deep and bright,
Shivering like a fever.
Hills arch towards the warmth,
With tall greens and parks
that fill love’s delight.

Slow breeze carries a pantheon… 69 more words


Big Baby Steps

I won’t know when our first year anniversary is, because I didn’t think to make a note on the calendar the night Ryan and I had the “so…are we a couple now?” talk last September. 515 more words


Summer's Dreams

She is the wind that circles
around spire and dome,
Above life that looks in awe
at beauty in colour and stone.

I retreat to the water’s cool, 59 more words


a heartbreaking music video on dementia (great song)

this is one of my favourite tunes and the animation is excellent. gets me every damn time. let’s get this fixed.

click here to donate to Dementia UK

Andrew Lavis