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…if mr good and mr bad had
had a fight then I am glad
that life is dead and I’m not sad
but frankly I just miss my dad, 28 more words


back to old poetry


wake up, same thing, everyday

don’t want to think,

about the words you’ve said,

i can’t begin to imagine,

how much this must hurt… 177 more words

My Opinions

another old one


I don’t know
when i’m coming home

i don’t know if it’s sumer of spring

i dont when the time falls through the roof… 116 more words

My Opinions

Me on the streets

A video of me on the streets singing a shitty song because people are shitty and only like shitty music but i need shitty money so im sorry and get over it. 18 more words

is it hard

Why is it hard to accept that someone could just be happy because they’re happy and because maybe you’re not happy then actually they couldn’t be happy but actually you’re not happy and they are happy if you know you’re unhappy then calling someone who is clearly happy unhappy is your way of saying you’re unhappy and i’m unhappy if you’re unhappy so if i say i’m happy i don’t say i’m happy to make you unhappy i say i’m happy because i’m happy and if you accept that i’m happy then maybe you could be happy. 8 more words