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Enttäuscht von Unwissenheit

Hurt and pain

there’s much to gain.

Peace and Love

it’s all the same.

Confusion and Doubt

we’re not without.

We weep, we cry

we plead, we try. 29 more words


Noch ein dummer Idiot Engel.

she: you’ve never done anything wrong. don’t worry, it’s just me. maybe we are just not meant to be. Goodnight.

He: i think we are meant to be.. 1,539 more words


Es wird so spät, Schatz..

There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words, and still not understand you. And there are others who will understand without you even speaking a word.

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In the Beginning, Love Came Down/Au début, l'amour nous est venu

Hi friends!  Each Wednesday, Love Came Down Bible Study will be posted for those of you who wish to make that journey through the Bible and encounter Love in Person.   4,391 more words

Love Came Down

Suit l'amour, l'amour fuit; fuit l'amour, l'amour suit

If you know this famous French phrase, you would know how true it is.

And it applies for every single thing on this planet Earth besides… 320 more words

On The Go

Love Came Down from Heaven to Earth/L'amour est descendu du ciel à la terre

Happy Easter!  May the the Lord’s Spring Season refresh and restore you this season!

If you are new to the blog, welcome!

If you have been participating in our Journey Through the Bible, thank you for your company these past 28 months, as together we have encountered Love Himself through the Scriptures.  2,673 more words

Love Came Down

Love Came Down to be Celebrated/L'amour est arrivé pour être célébré

Worship in the book of Revelations is more than a service; it is an ongoing day and night adoration of God Almighty.

In Revelations 4, Apostle John is caught up by the Spirit into a heavenly scene of epic worship. 2,144 more words

Love Came Down