Tags » L'Amour

C'est pas moi

Je me réveille tous les jours

à un visage inconnu

que je connais bien,

pour regarder dans tes yeux

la réflexion d’un visage

qui n’appartient pas à moi. 29 more words


North Four

We wait and watch
for the sky to fall,
Struck dumb by the
beauty in chaos,
Sustained noise
crashing through walls
that shelters the
world outside from… 7 more words


Treptower to Finsbury

Profane words echo from
park and bright street
to resting bench at dusk.

They dance with the stars
peeking from behind a veil,
Shivering in coming night, 95 more words


Forever Autumn

She still sees floating leaves
on mounted hill, distant views,
Burying a cold, white air with
colours of lips pressed tight.

Shadows of thinned trees lurk… 31 more words


I Can Hear the Sea

The light of the universe dances across
shimmering blue and fields of gold.

Gentle fingers stretch, stroking the
bright fruit set against deep brown.

My hands are like no others as they love you, 54 more words


Revolution Is Thy Name

Familiar roar is
replaced by dull hum,
Rattling over the

long grey,
Pierced by myriad
voices from afar,

Languages of
distant corners and
forgotten colony, 40 more words



I have counted down the hours
as one might stroke their love’s hair.

Tumbling leaves slow the sun
marching behind light-dark cold.

Borrowed warmth, how I cling… 52 more words