Tags » L'Amour

Central Line

Surrounded by noise,
Only those lips were felt
between sway after sway,

Brief pauses at stops,
Reading the silent letters
counting and naming

Paradise as it passes. 75 more words


Seeing Stars

Nervous tongue flicks
over a cold rim,
Rubbing steel as if
something helped.

Unsettling rails rattle,
Beneath the load,
Unaware of any extra
weight it carries. 12 more words


Hush Now

Spirit of yesterday’s sorrows
hover just above our heads –
You, or I, or both must leave them.

Tolerate not the pain you know
but follow the love you know not, 7 more words


Open Book

Ink stained fingers tremble
as if they dare to touch the
paper where it curls at edge,

Paper already marked with
feeling and hurt and emotion… 65 more words


Pyroclastic Flow

Dreams are fingers that gently slid across mountains and hills as they bloomed with flowers in damp glow;

Breaths that moaned through drowning valleys salted by the mines beneath which never stopped; 78 more words


Come In From the Cold

For what it is worth,
Summer has come and the
Sun bares a smile,
Broad, just for you,
Sharing light with all
just as you do for them. 55 more words


La Terre

Waters circle as the fires rage
around and around in a spiral.

There in the highest blaze desire
lights as eyes that survey.

Curves follow paths that trace… 80 more words