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H J Merritt gets paid

This is another bill paid by Holloway of West Lavington. As is often the case, the bill provides an insight into life in times past – in this case almost 100 years ago. 172 more words


May Day

I’ve had great success in locating some of the things Mr. Client has asked me to find. Notably, lamp oil and wicks for two antique brass lamps he purchased to display at his home. 106 more words

Great Food

Cold enough to freeze...lamp oil!?

We have some lamp oil stored in an unheated outbuilding. I was out there today and two bottles were frozen solid! Interestingly, they were from the same brand and one bottle from a different brand was still fluid.

Now that’s cold!


Hand Crafted Wood Candle Holders

I have a saying:  “Wood, like people, no matter how rough on the outside, can be beautiful on the inside.”  I’ve worked with some very old, weathered, ugly hedge that, as soon as you cut into it, as soon as you get below the surface, you see the beauty of the wood, just as it was when the tree was live and vibrant.  251 more words


Fabric of the Cosmos: p. 293-303

Right of the bat, I really liked this section because it was simpler and easier to understand and follow compared to some other recent readings.  It basically talked about how space is made up of more than just matter and energy, but also dark matter and dark energy.   118 more words

Fabrick of the Cosmos: p.177-191

I felt like this section of Fabric of the Cosmos was all in all really similar to past chapters about quantum mechanics and such.  I liked the new concepts of alternate pasts and such, but I felt like the overall ideas are very much the same.   111 more words

Planetary: Chapters 5 and 6

I can tell that the story is really starting to heat up in these last two issues.  We get to see what seems to be some form of antagonistic society rise out of the woodwork, and we begin to see the structure of a continuous storyline.   119 more words