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Green, Green: The New Lamy Safari Green

I have moaned a fair bit about how Lamy keeps bringing out so many green Safaris and Al-Stars. Like sands through the hour glass, so come the Lamy greens. 240 more words

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So I May Have a Problem (cough)

Sometimes a new pen purchase triggers … well, not a look in the mirror, exactly, but a furtive peek into the pen case.

Is it possible that I like blue and chrome pens a little too much? 19 more words

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2016 Chicago Pen Show: All The New Stuff

So that’s the haul, as we say, from this weekend’s 2016 Chicago Pen Show.

Very unusual grouping for me. Fairly practical, really. The biggest splurge was the pencil, which I love, but I’m super happy with it all. 769 more words


Review: My first ever LAMY pen

LAMY safari dark lilac Special Edition Fountain pen

I was lucky enough to be given a Lamy Safari Dark Lilac limited edition for 2016 fountain pen to review for the Papers Pens Poets website on Fountain Pen Friday. 368 more words

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Lamy Dark Lilac Safari: Happy New Pen Day

My Dark Lilac Lamy Safari just arrived, and it’s really excellent. This is the nicest Safari in years, in my opinion. And not just because it’s neither neon nor green. 114 more words

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Serious Fountain Penners, Beware: Cuteness Overload

Hey, look what I found in my Easter basket: two Lamy Safaris from Line Friends.

Cuteness overload, I know. But let’s revel in it, just for one day.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

And this is roughly reason number 1,979 why I love Chicago: green bagels for St. Patrick’s Day.  I love the melting pot.

Though, yeah, the green color looks slightly strange in a bagel.  19 more words