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Pen of the Day and a Decidedly Retro Camera

My pen of the day is something I recently bought from Everything Calligraphy. I used  to have three Lamy pens–a Lamy Umbra (Safari in charcoal black), Vista, and Studio. 367 more words

Fountain Pen

Last Day #inktober 2015: A Tribute To The Departed

Halloween. Day Of The Dead. And this morning I received the news that an old friend (I mean old, would be 68 next December) in Berlin died last Sunday. 139 more words


Twenty-third to Thirtieth Day #inktober2015: Faces

Well, I haven’t skipped a day. No day passed without at least one ink-drawing. Unfortunately, not all of them can be published here, due to the fact that some of my models are slightly reluctant to see their faces posted here. 58 more words


Lamy Scribble Mechanical Pencil Review

The Lamy Scribble makes a strong case for an ergonomic design intended for artists.

561 more words


Twentieth to Twenty-second Day #inktober 2015: Friends And Best Friend

I decided to draw some friends again. One of them is a girl name Anna, my best friend since our high-school days. She’s probably the very first person on Earth ever to see the real man behind the mask of the freak; she’s that special. 61 more words


Nineteenth Day #inktober 2015: The Flight Of The Wild Geese

Nineteenth day, not much time to spare. So I just made a quick one.

This one is dedicated to to those who have served with me, back in 2006, during the horrifying long weeks after the devastating earthquake. 60 more words


Sixteenth to Eighteenth Day #inktober 2015: Random Characters

Still keeping my pace, one ink drawing (sometimes more) a day, still using my faithful Lamy Safari fountain pen on my A5-sized Folk!Story sketchbook.

Can’t post them every day, though; been so busy these days. 38 more words