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Eighth Day #inktober 2015: I am Groot

Just a quick 20-minute drawing today, using Lamy Safari on my A5 Folk!Sketchbook; as usual, directly without any pencil sketch.

I don’t think I need to explain why I like this character. 17 more words


Seventh Day #inktober 2015: Conan The Barbarian

Can’t spare much time today, so I simply made this quick 15-minute drawing using my Lamy Safari on my A5 Folk!Story sketchbook:

Trying to emulate Buscema’s style again, and again I learned that it’s not as simple as it looked.


Sixth Day #inktober 2015: A Toast To You

It’s only been a day since you departed and I’ve missed our conversation so much already. So the sixth day is for you, my dearest doppelganger… 15 more words


Fifth Day #inktober 2015: Patrick & Son

Well, seeing somebody you care about off is never a good thing. At least not to me. I’m kinda emotionally drained, actually, and I’m not really in the mood for drawing anything today. 58 more words


Fourth Day #inktober 2015: Quick-sketches

After three days, of drawing the sketches of three high-school friends, I found out that they all use the sketches as their profile pictures. That led to something else. 108 more words



This blog has been up and running for a whole year and I have filled 41 sketchbooks since July 2013.  This is not my first blog. 293 more words