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My fingers cannot handle the plastic grip of the Lamy Safari fountain pen. The grip has the same hard plastic as the body, and it cuts into my middle finger when I hold the pen. 35 more words

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Pen cases: a cautionary tale

Having a number of fountain pens uninked at any one time, I was in need of a storage case. At the London Pen Show in October 2015, I bought a black, 24-pen zip case, which had elasticated slots for 12 pens on each side and a flap to separate the two sides when the case was closed. 407 more words

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Wrens 1

I love my preliminary pencil drawings so am proceeding to enhance those. I went over (most of) my pencil lines with one of my fine point Lamy pens. 125 more words


A Review of the Lamy Lx in Rose Gold

Lamy Lx Rose Gold with medium nib. Clearly under the influence of too much Thanksgiving pie, as well as the word “sale.” I succumbed to Black Friday frenzy and ended up with a Lamy Lx in Rose Gold with a medium nib. 1,205 more words

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Lamy Safari: The Chicago Cubs Version

We do what we can, here at Fountain Pen Follies, to cheer on our favorite baseball team. And this year has been magical. On Saturday night, the Chicago Cubs baseball team won the pennant for the first time in 71 years. 101 more words


A Lamy x Line Friends Safari So Cute They Had To Warn Us

The newest Lamy x Line Friends Safari, called Brown in the Red, just arrived at Fountain Pen Follies. It comes with the caution “too cute.” Because it is. 132 more words

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Lamy Safari Extra Fine Fountain Pen Review

Pen Review: Lamy Safari Extra Fine Steel Nib

The Lamy Safari is well known as THE starter pen in the fountain pen world, especially prior to the introduction of the Pilot Metropolitan. 789 more words