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Was napping

It’s a law of the universe. You know… you start to draw them and they move.

Lamy Safari

While Waiting

Picked up my Lamy Safari while waiting for my iPod Touch to charge before going out for a morning walk. Turned my gaze to the Alstromeria by my reading chair for a quick drawing.

Lamy Safari


Have been kept company since Tuesday by these intoxicating Double Bloom Lily Rose Belonica clusters. I bought them to celebrate heaven on earth and a new lease on life.

Lamy Safari


“Sanity drawing? What in the name of the seven gods is that??”, you may ask. Well, some people take meditation to stay sane, some choose prayer, others pick whatever they care to pick. 131 more words

Random Thoughts


Didn’t finish long day till 7:30 but had a fresh hamburger straight off the grill to decompress.

Then got lost on the highway home and didn’t walk in the door till after 9. 34 more words

Lamy Safari

Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary

7 June, 2015. I felt like wandering afoot, but to be perfectly honest I did not feel energetic enough to wander very far. Not far from my house is a nice little patch of green, … 111 more words

My Late Master

I made this at the early hour of dawn this morning, as a tribute to my very first mentor in drawing. Teguh Santosa (1942-2000) was one of the best Indonesian comic artists in his era. 91 more words