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LAMY Safari All Black 2018 Special Edition

The LAMY Safari is a great starter fountain pen for those who want to join the fountain pen community or those who just want a better writing experience. 573 more words

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Pen Review: Hero 359A

The story I am working on right now is being written using the Hero 359A extra fine nib. I have been pleased with how well this pen writes and behaves. 433 more words

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First Page

Bit of unrelated news regarding myself: I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Thankfully I’m one of the rare few that aren’t affected by the procedure so I’m not in any significant amount of pain and I don’t have to risk developing an opioid addiction from the 18 pills they gave me. 288 more words

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Sunday Reads: Sheen, Tomoe River, And A Cat

Ink sheen is intriguing, but using a cooperative paper can make even less well-endowed inks show a little dazzle…



I do not like the results of this Kestrel and don’t have time to look up which Kestrel it is. But the flip side of the page is kind of neat: