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Uni Jelly Chef Taku Style ($120)

A beautiful dish of tomato mousse, fresh sea urchin, chicken broth jelly and a topping of caviar. This cold appetiser, which can feed three people comfortably, was bursting with umami without becoming overwhelming. 479 more words

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The Top Five things to do in Hong Kong

What an amazing city. If you ever get the chance, you really do have to go. Granted, half the experience for me was having such amazing friends to explore the city and wilderness with – but you’ll make them too, no worries. 575 more words


Why banker's blog jars

You can read this blog post at SCMP.COM


I’m not sure David Y Zhu entirely deserved some of the more extreme epithets I have seen directed his way on social media over the last week or so. 586 more words


Underage drinking in Hong Kong

I think these stories sum the Psychology of Hong Kong Police officers towards underage drinking.

Happened in Stanley, Hong Kong. Saw this white kid (90% sure he was in high school) talking to a uniform local police officer.

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Boomshack’s Vintage burger is a decent hamburger. The boom burger, as it’s categorized on the menu, won’t particularly cause a booming blast of satisfaction in one’s hungry stomach; not by cause of its burger taste balance, which is good in itself, but because of a burger construction that explodes with the burst of a twinkle; and with this it’s hard to see the vintage side of this hamburger, a burger from the past that represents the best of its kind… it is the more traditional option in the shack. 329 more words

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Modern and old shopping stores , and shopping and foodie only

As the clients already told me they did not like those T-shirts, fake-antique or those easy-dying embroidery, we decided to squeeze some time to high-end shopping boutiques. 428 more words

Hong Kong Island

The SIA Brat Comic Strip: The Damsel, The Robber, & The Hero

The SIA Brat – In Hong Kong

In September last year, I went to Hong Kong for the first time. It was a short 5 day trip with my “Pitchin Bitches”. 505 more words

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