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Lana Turner pretty in pink lipstick & retro curls.

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This Date in Criminal Justice History: April 11, 1958

This Date in Criminal Justice History: April 11, 1958

The Cheryl Crane inquest is held on this day in Los Angeles. Cheryl Crane was the teenage daughter of movie star Lana Turner. 560 more words

I Is For Imitation Of Life #atozchallenge

I is for Imitation Of Life

Imitation of Life dared to broach topics on race, class and gender. It was an ambitious attempt given the fact that Hollywood was not showing outright support for equality of races and sexes. 258 more words


In a Nutshell: Imitation of Life (1959)

Director(s): Douglas Sirk
Screenwriter(s): Eleanore Griffin, Allan Scott
Cast: Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, John Gavin
Length: 125 minutes
Country: USA

Douglas Sirk, you sneaky little pioneer. 186 more words


Portrait in Black (1960)

“This was supposed to bring us together. Now it’s only keeping us apart.”

So says Lana Turner who isn’t very happy with lover Anthony Quinn when he suggests they must remain calm and see very little of each other in the aftermath of murdering her wealthy husband Lloyd Nolan. 556 more words

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