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The Eight Days of the Keppoch Devil near #Glasgow. #History #Scotland

In October, 1670, a devil troubled a house at Keppoch, near Glasgow. At the same time, other strange reports were heard …

‘October 29, 1670, there was a suddane thunderclap by seven of the morning, that fell out at Glasgow, and lighted on the Blackfrier Kirk, the like whereof was not heard of in these parts; it rent the steeple of the said church fra top to bottom, and tirred the sclattes off it, and brake down the gavills in the two ends of it, and fyred it, but was quenched afterward by men. 305 more words


Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK; November 16, 2010

Name: Hugh Doran

Date of Sighting: 16/10/10 2333hrs

Location of Sighting: Glasgow (South)

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Circular

Size(s) of UFO(s): Smaller than a Helicopter at same height… 45 more words

UFO Sightings

Let's get started

I can’t believe it was June 2015 I first posted and I haven’t since!!! As I said before, I’m more a reader than a writer. That being said, I would love to document things when my girls are young and encourage me to do more. 396 more words

A Decent Wee Wummin

A Decent Wee Wummin

My granny had a phrase for folk that gave more than they had the means or the time to. ‘She’s a decent wee wummin, that yin.’ 743 more words

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Secrets of the Pentland Hills: Roger’s Kirk by the Medwin Water #History #Scotland

Did the Covenanters hear field preachings at Roger’s Kirk in the Pentland Hills? Tradition says that they did …

By Roger’s Kirk (over rise to left) 230 more words


Vennel Well, Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Healing Well:  OS Grid Reference – NS 598 649

Archaeology & History

One of the many public wells in Glasgow, all trace of this site disappeared long ago.   295 more words


James Nisbet Escapes at Crossford and near Shotts #History #Scotland

After he became a fugitive in early 1685, James Nisbet appears to have mainly stayed in his native Ayrshire. However, on at least one occasion he crossed the River Clyde and journeyed to a Lanarkshire moor with strong associations with field preaching. 207 more words